Mahavir Jayanti

Hello there… Day 2 of blogging… Day 5 of Paryushan or Pajushan… And most importantly it’s Mahavir Jayanti today. Wow! There are some funny stuffs that I would share on this holy day… Or should I say holiday? Nah! I’m still working like a jackass at my office. So coming back to this day…. When I was a small boy, I was excited about this day because I used to get new clothes to wear.

Mera Naam Bhavin

It’s the first day of my blogging and I am finding myself the same way as a villager finds himself in a city. I am completely new to this arena of blogging. I love writing and thus blogging is the best option where I can vomit out the words that are stuck in my mind. I hate being repetitive so I hope the one who reads this blog can check my profile to know about me and my interests.