>Go Goa – Day 1

Well.. Well.. Well… Finally destination Goa has come to colours! Its a dream come true for me… Finally! After loads of pre-planning, pre-planning, pre-planning (phew… It took me 3 yrs to finally go to Goa), I could proudly brag to my family, friends and relatives that I am finally off to a vacation. Whoopie! Now coming back to the point, its 7th november, 2008 and my first day in Goa.

>Could he be The Last Lear?

Last night I was extremely bored and I had to do something to freshen up my mood. I chose to watch The Last Lear. What can I say about this movie? It’s completely for those who are passionate about true cinema. Amitabh’s acting being outstanding, is a common term. But what surprises me is one question that goes around my mind. How often do you see Arjun Rampal giving the performance of lifetime?

>Googly of Life

Well… I know this title seems to be weird. But nowadays the saying has changed, “The weirder… The better” Well! What do I say actually! Reading the news headlines has really pissed me off to a certain extent. The cases of Neeraj Grover and Aarushi Talwar has become a joke for the nation. On top of it, the controversies surrounding the Big Bang experiment has finally made a laughing stock of those people who created rifts and rumours to stop it from happening.

>Destination Adhoi

Hi ya… Its the first and the last day of my trip to native place, Adhoi. Well… What do I say about this place. It’s a mixture of a residential areas, lush green fields, man-made gardens and it is a cream area of archeologists (or archaeologists). The massive earthquake on January 26th, 2001 (sorry, I am bad at remembering dates) proved to be a mixed fortune for my fellow Vagadites.

>Holiday time

Life is weird… It throws you surprises when you expect it the least. This is what is happening today with me. I ‘m off to a mini vacation to my native place. Currently I have boarded the train with my other fellow cousins and we have settled ourselves on our respective seats. There’s no shortage of food out here. Everyone’s busy planning about tomorrow’s activities. The worst part is that I haven’t informed any of my friends about my so called surprise trip.

>Bas Yun Hi…

Consider this… Early morning… The first ray of sun kissing my face… I get ready to go to my office… New car… A wicked idea… Taking the car along… Nervous hands… Heartbeats pacing at a faster rate than normal… Loud music in car tape… Everything fine while driving… Parking troubles… Finally reaching the destination… All fine by then… Time to go back for lunch… Drive back home… Reach the society… Suddenly….

>Back To Square One!

Knock knock… Who’s there? It’s Bhavin… Bhavin, who? Bhavin, the one who keeps himself busy, to kill time! Hahaha… The festival season has begun… With Paryushan over, I’m back to square one. Life’s been really funny since past few days. Time isn’t easy enough to pass out as earlier… Elders say that ‘Time Flies’ but not in my case. These days it was like, come to the office, work, go home from lunch, return to work, go back home for evening dinner, come back again to work and finally go home directly to the bed.

>Bye Bye Paryushan… Welcome Ganesha

Hi there… Finally the Jain festival is over… All those fun…The laddoos… The decorations… The Aarti… The fashion parade by the ladies (winks)…. The fastings and all… All over for a year… Man… I ‘ll be missing the days of past… Speaking about past, I remember so many things from my past. Those fun days with friends… A misunderstanding-free life… I believe, most of the people (me included), still carry the baggage of the past… Oh!

>A Real Sneaky Stuff

Hi there…. Ummm… It’s precisely 3.30 a.m. in my clock right now and I am going through a feeling of euphoria right now… Imagine staying awake till this late and sneaking off from the bed to blog around on my Nokia E90. Yes boss, you are reading it correct… After confessing about the rented laptop, I fear for my hair (of course, not life)…. What if I get tonsured! Hahaha…

Ravana: The Next God of Jains

Hi there… Day 3 of the usual vomiting of thoughts on this little rented laptop… hahaha… I pity on the owner of this laptop who’ll chase me for my blood, when he reads this… On a serious note, I am sorry for writing only about Jainism nowadays. No hard feelings or no special reasons or vested interests behind it… Its just because this topic creates much more interest nowadays among the readers of this not-so-famous blog….