>Road To Ladakh -Day 3

This is something stupid… Never in my lifetime have I woken up at 8 am to get ready for the office. But here! Just imagine, waking up at 5.30 am, completely afresh, without Mum screaming my name thousand times, without Dad growling at me to wake me up or without even my lil sis kicking my butts, to give up my bed… The climate is so charismatic that I just cannot resist to leave my bed and see the sun tearing apart the mountains to brighten up the world… (Hey!

>Road To Ladakh – Day 2

So here we are… Sonamarg… Hotel Glacier Heights… Waiting eagerly how to kill time till 12 pm (so that we could move towards Leh via Kargil). The distance from Sonamarg to Leh is approximately 400 kms and it needs too much stamina to reach the destination. So we have our breakfast and then decide to go for a horse ride and visit the Thaksine glacier where bollywood movies like Ram Teri Ganga Maili and Satte Pe Satta were shot.

>Road to Ladakh – Day 1

Ok. So the D-day has arrived. I am off for a much needed vacation. Its time to explore and exploit the mesmerising beauty of nature. So here it goes. It’s 3.30 am and I hire a cab for the whole family @ Rs.300 (that’s not a fortune, considering the night fare, luggage fare , etc from the South Mumbai region.) After a short journey of around 35 mins, our group of 11 people comprising of relatives and siblings have reached the 1B terminal of the Domestic Airport.

>God loves the babes of Bollywood !!!

Run-on-the-mill dialogue of a typical bollywood masala movie… “Nahi!!! Please, mujhe Bhagwan ke liye chhod do!” Getting any hints why I wrote this line??? Well… Read further… Honestly speaking, this could be the cheapest topic I would have written in my blog. But I am sorry, I have to write it. Especially after watching these crazy IPL games. Being an Indian, it’s quite easy to follow and cherish cricket as a religion.

>Fake IPL Names Deciphered

A matter of fact to be disclosed: I have nothing to do with this post. The matter in this post does not belong to me. Any grievances and inconveniences are regretted. Hey guys, this post is of great help for those who are daily readers of Fake IPL Player’s blog. Rumours says that The FIP might be Saurav Sarkar. Well… Who cares about it! Still too many names left to be deciphered.

>The Messiah is Back !!!

Well well well…. It has been a long time since I had posted something fruitful on my blog. And there cannot be a better occassion to write than this one. This is also my first uploaded picture on my blog. And there cannot be a better picture than my idol’s…. “INDIA CREATES HISTORY BY CHASING THE FOURTH-HIGHEST TOTAL IN TEST CRICKET” “INDIAN CRICKET TEAM – THE NEXT NO.

>Sometimes It’s Not Worth Helping

Early morning… Sunrays kissing your face… And you wake up happily… You get ready and are off to start a new day at work. On your way to work, you find an old man asking for help… He is so helpless that hate him or love him but you cannot ignore him… He begs you to help him… You try to ignore him and finally you relent and you help him by giving him a few tens for medicine… He showers on you loads of blessings and you heave a sigh of relief that you helped a needy person…

>Go Goa – Day 4 (Grand Finale)

Sadly, its the last day of our trip and the day is nothing short of funny misadventures. We check out of hotel at 12 noon and visit North Goa (Rs. 1000 to Rs.1100, no HR skills useful). As said earlier, you need to be sure what places you want to travel or else you might end up paying money without enjoying the trip. It may leave a bad taste to you if you dont know.

>Go Goa – Day 3 (A trip to South Goa)

Day 3 at Goa and its time for a hectic travelling towards South Goa. Its better to hire a vehicle for long trips. The sour fact is that the vehicles charge you a bomb for it. Another important thing to be disclosed is that you need to know what places do you want to visit. Or else you might end up paying for your trip and enjoy nothing. Thanks to Godfather, MJ and Hardik that we could know what places to visit in South Goa.

>Go Goa – Day 2 (Exploring Baga beach)

Finally, now that’s what I call a real sweet sleep that I had last night. No worries, no tensions, no plannings for the next day and finally no phone calls to answer. The first important thing to be done is to hire a two wheeler for the whole day of travelling. Rs. 200 for a kinetic and Rs.300 and Rs.400 for bikes. Choose whatever you are comfortable with. I made a mess of myself as I aint alllowed to drive a two wheeler.