>Michhami Dukkadam – Confessions by a Criminal

First of all Michhami Dukkadam to all the limited readers who enjoy to read the things that I post. Secondly, there’s one particular thing that caught my eye, since a long time. And that is a show called Sach Ka Saamna. I have heard so many people criticising the show and welcoming the concept of the show. But it deserves all kinds of accolades and flaks that it maybe receiving.


I hate this life… I feel so bogged down by the pressure over me from all the directions. Hey? What am I writing about? Ain’t I suppose to write about ‘commitment’? Me and my big mouth… always slips. Hahaha. Ok… What is the first thing that comes in our minds, after reading the word ‘commitment’? Maybe something related to love, marriage, life etc. Lekin… Kintu… Parantu… (synonyms of ‘but’), ‘Commitment’ just got broader.

>Blogs By Bugs First Anniversary Special

Technically speaking, my blog completes the first anniversary today. The reason being the fourth day of the Jain festival Paryushan. I can still recollect the first day, the first post of this blog (http://blogsbybugs.blogspot.com/2008/08/mera-naam-bhavin.html). It was excitement that had been filled in my mind. The first thought that ran across my mind was, “If published and established writers can interact through their blog then why cannot I?” But times have changed now.

>Love Aaj Kal

It’s precisely 1.30 am and by the time I post this review, the clock may strike half past two. I am still wondering how do I start describing this movie. The biggest tension is how do I rate this movie (looking at the constellation of stars showered by the newspapers) and what advice should I give to the readers of this blog… Anyways, I leave the decision of rating this movie on the readers themselves.

>Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie really upto the mark? Gone are the days of Jurassic Park movies where the dinosaurs would haunt movie goers in their dreams. Gone are the days of Star Wars series where Dart Vader is voted as the sexiest villain in the world of fiction movies. Gone are the days where animated movies caused a sharp rise in the box office collection and the movie goers.

>Road To Ladakh – Day 8

So this is supposed to be the last day at Leh and all we had to do was go for local sightseeing in the first half of the day and go for shopping in the latter half of the day. Last night I heaved a sigh of relief as finally I would be able to wake up late in the morning. Waking up at 5 in the morning almost everyday had taken a toll on my sleep.

>Road To Ladakh – Day 7

Last night was too tiring. Whole day travelling, then shopping, then cultural dance and finally sleeping late at night. But today’s a new day… And it has to be something exciting to write about. Well, the day has been exciting so far. We left The Kaal and made a journey towards Pangong Tso. Tso or So means Lake. Its about 150 odd kms away from the Leh city.

>Road To Ladakh – Day 6

The climate is freezing and we have to give a hard thought whether to take a bath or not. Big guts needed to empty a mug of water (hot or cold doesn’t matter because within a seconds, the water gets cold) on the body. After the act of bravery (bathing, of course), we pack our bags to return to The Kaal. On the way we make a stop to the Khar Dung La again and indulge in some snow fights.

>Road To Ladakh – Day 5

Ah! The weather is cool as a cucumber and its just fun to stay out here and romance with the natural beauty. We get ready for our next destination… Numbra Valley. It’s about 150 odd kms away from Leh city. And its also known as the Valley of Flowers. (Guys, there are no flowers as per my knowledge. It’s just the name kept by the localites to attract tourists.

>Road To Ladakh – Day 4

So here we are… At Ule Tokpo Camp… Enjoying the best moments of the trip… Calmness and serenity all over. As usual, it’s 5.30am and I knock everyone’s doors to wake them up. We get ready, freshen up at the common toilets and bathrooms (clean as ever.. hats off to the way these guys maintain) and get set for our breakfast. Nearly 3 hours pass out in this process and then we plan to go for river rafting.