Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions

No matter how hard you suppress your feelings and emotions, someday.. somehow they shall erupt. No matter how often you fool the world or yourself, someday.. somehow they shall catch up with you in the form of KARMA.-A not so random saying by a random person (A heartfelt note: If you are reading this post or if you have been asked to read this post, it’s probably because you matter a lot to the person who asked you to do so and he/she might want to ‘confess’ that you are still one of those beautiful colours who has painted his/her happy life through the times that you have spent and the memories that you have created.


Vacuum, theoretically, is a space without matter in it. (Now, that’s what most of you know.)

This Is It!

A child and a parent separate with each other due to irreconcilable differences. They have issues right from the way of lifestyle to the way of standard of living. The differences crop up to such an extent that they are compelled to say, “THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.” And the rest is history.

Kaale Jaamun Ke Kaale Kaarnaame – (The Misdeeds of Blackberry)

So finally I have been able to write something. And look at what makes me write it? My latest prized possession.. A blackberry handset. Ok, to be honest I am very much upset with the blackberry. It’s because of this instrument that the whole of India is facing various problems. It makes me feel glad that the Indian government is taking strict measures to ban the root cause of all the problems.

The Journey towards Complications Simplified

There is one particular line that has made a permanent impression in my mind. It goes this way, “Truth and Fact are always stranger than Fiction.” It’s true. Not only they are stranger but also they are bitter. There are some things that reborn, regenerate and rekindle the bitter experiences of past. Some may be able to hide it, some may be able to show it off but the fact remains that such things are virtually impossible to be ignored or forgotten forever.

>Where did this come from?

An air of caution: Before anybody reads this post, I would like to warn you not to take it in a bad taste. I wish to apologize to all the people who are mentioned below and whose works are stated below. Also, do not rate this post unless you have read it completely. And finally, do not assume it to be one of my genre or forte. Ok, so here goes my blog.

Passion and Compassion

Everytime we step out of our houses, the mind senses a bizzare euphoria. Each step forward… and the burden of expectations keeps increasing. If it’s a walk towards temple, the expectation to commit less sins increases. If it’s a walk to the park, the expectation to stay fit increases. If it’s a walk towards our work places, the expectation to achieve better results increases. If it’s a walk towards meeting our friends and families, the expectation to make them feel special increases.

>What is this chaos all about?

Ok. So by now, most of us have so many issues in our lives for what is happening around us. We are fighting in our compound for parking spaces. We are fighting with our parents for not fulfilling silly demands. We are fighting with our employers or employees for not achieving desired results. We are fighting with our spouses for same old crap reasons like bad dressing, choiceless food, arguments with elders, etc.

>Guilt and Regret

It’s 4 am while my hands shakingly kiss the keys of my laptop. By the time I post it, it maybe 5 or 6 or who knows if I shall ever post it. Eyes are blurred. Body is sweating. Legs have given away their strength. And mind is nostalgic. Nostalgic… Nostalgic… Ummm… Nostalgic. Somebody please tell me why am I repeating this word ‘nostalgic’. I have no answers right now.

>Rendezvous with 2009

Ok… I am bored of writing my blogposts in the same style. How about some change? Today, I plan to have a rendezvous with the year 2009. Meeting time: Whenever you get to read this blog. Meeting place: Your computer screens. Ok, so here we have a tete-a-tete with Mr. 2009. Me: Hello 2009. 2009: Wassup man! Howz you? Me: Happy (chuckles) 2009: Oh yeah (sarcastically)? What makes you so happy?