Kaisa ajeeb sa rog hua hai mujhe Jo mujhse thik nahi ho pata aaj Yun toh guzar raha hai har pal khushi se Phir bhi uski kami hai meri zindagi mein aaj.. Kitni ajeeb si kashish hain uski aankhon mein Jo main uski or kheencha chalaa aata hoon aaj Yun toh guzar raha hai har pal khushi se Phir bhi uski kami hai meri zindagi mein aaj.. Jab iss dil mein use paa ne ki chaahat hi nahi


Meri tarakki se jalte ho Aur faqr bhi mehsus karte ho Agar itna hi pyar hai mujhse Kyun ajnabee bane firte ho? Mujhe chot bhi dete ho Chupke se aanso bhi bahaa lete ho Agar itna hi pyar hai mujhse Kyun ajnabee bane firte ho? Chup rehne ko kehte ho Meri khamoshi se bhi darte ho Agar itna hi pyar hai mujhse Kyun ajnabee bane firte ho? Mujhse duur rehne ki kasme khaa kar

On Your Mark.. Get Set.. Run Vagad Run!

28th October, 2012 This date shall always glitter and shine in the history of Vagad community. On this day, one of the oldest and sucessfully run institution of Vagad community called Shree Vagad Kala Kendra became the first institution to organise a sport event that has never been witnessed in the 60 year old odd history of Vagad. Most of the people know it is a marathon race but given the essence of ‘Panjo Vagad’, it has become famous as “VAGAD MINITHON”.

The Dark Knight Rises (Hollywood, 2012)

A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended. Commissioner Gordon requests Batman to reveal his true identity so that Gotham knows the hero who saved the city. Thats when Batman delivers the above quoted punchline dialogue. There are movies. There are money spinners. There are blockbusters.

Wanted (Bollywood, 2009)

Ok… There are actors. There are stars. And there are superstars. There are comic actors. There are romantic actors. There are dancing actors. There are intense actors. And there are all-rounders. And Salman comes in the last category. I don’t fancy South Indian movies, neither dubbed nor remakes. Especially after having a life-threatening experience by watching Sirf Tum. It could have easily made me commit suicide. Such was the experience!

The Wait Is Worth

Hello to all my dear Dost Log 🙂 Finally my wait for a personalized website is over. 😀 Waiting, if we actually see, is always a taxing activity. Not because we lack time. It’s because we lack patience. Yep. You read it correctly… It is PATIENCE that most of us lack. We all have the same amount of time with us. The same 60 seconds, the same 60 minutes, the same 24 hours, the same 7 days and the same 12 months.

Jai Ho! जय हो!

Heylos Dost Log. Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum, haain! (Pun intended) On the eve of the Independence Day of India, I have an urge to tell all my readers _Jai Ho_. Confused? Ermm.. Let’s get back to what is going on in my mind. There is this little feeling of ‘nothingness’ going around for quite a sometime. Is it normal to feel so? Say na, please? Wait. How would you really say if I am not being clear in putting forward my thoughts on this post.

Be Inspired… To Inspire

Heylos my dear Dost Log.. (By the way, isn’t it strange to find my blog post updated so fast? :P) Every morning, before I leave for work, I have this tendency to pick up catfights with my sister or Mom. The reasons vary everyday. It’s like sometimes it’s about racing to get ready early or maybe not getting my favourite tees ironed or forcing me to have my breakfast when I am running late for work.

The Good, The Bad… The Confused

Heylos Amigos.. I mean my dear Dost Log. It has been quite a time since I updated myself. Well.. that’s the reason why I have been absent from the blog. And that’s the reason why I haven’t really been able to update my blog. I have always maintained the fact that the core intent of an ideal blog is not about teaching or blabbering long written notes to the readers. It is about sharing knowledge gained through random experiences during the walks of life.

Thank You, My Hero!

Dear You, Yes. This letter has been specially written and addressed to you. By the way, I would like to wish you Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening because I know that somewhere in this world you do exist, constantly thinking about my well being and welfare. Firstly, I want to thank you for being my hero! Yes! You are my hero. And by reading this post, I just want to say thanks to my hero.