Ok… There are actors. There are stars. And there are superstars. There are comic actors. There are romantic actors. There are dancing actors. There are intense actors. And there are all-rounders. And Salman comes in the last category.

I don’t fancy South Indian movies, neither dubbed nor remakes. Especially after having a life-threatening experience by watching Sirf Tum. It could have easily made me commit suicide. Such was the experience! But my fears got shed after watching Tamil version of Ghajini. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to understand the movie without English subtitles.

Now this made me watch Pokkiri… Awesome fun it was to watch the action movie. But I wondered if Wanted lived upto the original movies expectations. Because the Hindi version of Ghajini was a dud versus the Tamil version. Luckily for me, Wanted exceeds above expectations. It’s a must watch for action lovers, Sallu lovers and masala lovers.

The movie starts with the mafia don enjoying ladies wrestling. He gets a phone call and he needs to come to India. The movie flashbacks 3 months earlier. It showcases the underworld-politics-police-builders-blah-blah-blah nexus. In comes a commissioner who wants to eradicate the menace. Enters a goon, who doesn’t work for anyone or anything except money. And then starts dishum-dishum, dhichkau-dhichkau. The stunts go above the viewers’ heads but it’s great fun. Then there is a heroine who’s head over heels in love with the goon. There’s a bribe taking cop too. Then there’s a good for nothing landlord.

I have no intention to write the synopsis or plot of this movie simply because I don’t wish to spoil the fun.

This movie lies on the shoulders of almost all the actors, may it be Prakash Raj as the don, Ayesha Takia as the girl next door, Mahesh Manjrekar as the bad cop. But the one who stands out the most is apna Sallubhai.

My Verdict:

Only a fool will criticise this movie. Because Salman delivers a genuine super duper performance! Hail the hero!


****Cameos: Prabhu Deva, Govinda, and Anil Kapoor: All feature in the song ‘Jalwa’.

According to the special features on the second of the DVD discs, Salman Khan did all of his own stunts