There’s a reason why I posted this image. It was 9 years ago when I had written this piece. The intent was to start writing my 2nd (unpublished) manuscript. (No prizes for guessing, the first one obviously was Complications Simplified.) Call it a mere coincidence or twist of fate, I had named it The Pink Slip. The protagonist (Arin Malhotra, I guess,) was a guy similar to the Ranbir Kapoor character in Wake Up Sid. (Well, not really.) He had nothing to do in life, he would resolve to do something the other day and break the resolution by night. He had no goal in life. (What was that word again? LAKSHYA. That’s the word.) So yeah. He had nothing to fight for in his life, until he fell in love…

Okay. Fast forward to 9 years. It’s 22nd December and I still have about half an hour to go before I close in to the latter half of the 30s. The sun had set a few hours ago and that (metaphorically) applies to life in general as well. 365 days ago, I had talked about my fears, strengths, failures, achievements. I wrote about every random thing that came into my mind.

Bhai, aap kehna kya chahte ho?

Okay. Cut the crap, it’s assessment time again for me on a personal level.

But why would you write it here?

Because that’s what I do always. Writing a piece of my mind out here.

Toh shorr kis baat ka machaa rahe ho?

Aap padh kyun rahe ho?

*puts the complaining voices to rest and gets back to writing this post.*

So, the point is, the year has been like some crazy drive in the F1 circuit. In the race to earn a living, man often forgets how to live. But in my case, it has just been the opposite. It turns out, life is slowly turning back on track. Well, at a snail’s pace of course. But yeah, that is something to talk about. The year has ended up with too many losses. Physical, physiological, psychological, economical. But maybe that’s just part and parcel of life. Life wears and tears you down so that you can turn out better than your previous version or avatar.

In all these days, if I have learnt a lesson (the most important one) then it has to be never give up. This is the motto that has kept me going. And this is what I intend to continue doing. It’s time to flip the page and write another one because some day when the sun sets forever, I want the book to be worth reading.

With this, it’s time to put a full stop on this post and wait till the time I have something better to offer through my writings.

Until next time…

May Peace, Poetry and Power be with YOU, Always.


(PS: I do hope I find my El Dorado this time.)