For the meme fans, Kamlesss Soluchan aka Kamlesh Solution needs no introduction. But in case if you are new to this latest internet sensation then you may want to go through this video compilation featuring 10 of the funniest memes created by the talented people.

Enjoyed? Great. Now let’s go through the original video featuring Kamlesh.

Do you still find it funny? Most of the people won’t find it funny anymore. The question is, have we stopped being human beings by lacking empathy? In this age of internet where social media has taken the world by storm, we have become heartless enough to make mockery of someone’s misery.

There are two choices left for all of us:

  1. We can go the easy way. Encourage the meme creators to make fun of people with issues who need help.

  2. The difficult way is to think about some idea as in how to help these distressed people who fail to accept that they have issues that need help and medical assistance.

Before you decide on confirming your choice, remember, there are more Kamleshs than you can think of. Also the law of Karma has its own funny ways of payback. One of your loved ones could be the next internet sensation when their misery becomes an excuse for other people’s mockery.

Remember this, my friend, drug problems are for real. Addiction problems are real. We may ignore it but ignorance will not curb it. I hope this post makes sense. Moreover, I hope we make sense by the choices we make.

Peace, Poetry and Power.