First things first. Wise men said, Never judge a book by its cover and a post by its title. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

FYI, I am not in Goa! And to clarify further, I am not endorsing any place! I am here, where you will always find me. Inside my den. Because that’s where I am. Because of what I am. A businessman at daytime and a writer at night. Because that’s what I am meant to do. I wear the face of Thalia in a bid to please my kith and kin. I take solace of Melpomene when I escape the world’s attention. Both being the facets of the smile-frown or happy-sad masks commonly used in theater. But hello? Aren’t we all the same? Always wearing masks, trying to hide our truer selves, living under the constant fear of being scrutinized for our original being. Believe it or not, our whole lifetime is no less than Mardi Gras. This will forever remain our identity, our agony, and our ecstasy. With those things said and done, I move forward to talk about Love. Passion. Karma.

Has this thought ever crossed your mind that everything you experience or you do is a concoction of love? The emotions you go through, the actions you commit, the fruits you reap, in fact, speak of anything and you will draw to the sole conclusion – it is a manifestation of love. Almost every religion has different theories related to the origin and creation of the universe and Earth. Name a religion – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism or any other religion that you know of, each of them talks about how our respective Gods created us. Isn’t our existence a result of love?

Here’s one misconception about love. When we love somebody, we tend to do every possible thing to keep the person happy. _(No. It’s not just about being in love with your spouse/partner/crush. It’s about experiencing love towards your parents, siblings, friends, children. The concept of love is broader than one may realize.) _We tend to spoil them with choices, shower gifts, indulge in pampering and many other ways we can think of. Is it right to conclude that we commit actions to prove our love for them? Wrong. Sorry to say but I beg to differ. We do things not to prove our love for them, we do so to prove our worth to our own self! More than satisfying their needs we wish to satisfy our own egos and prove ourselves that nobody else can be better than us in their lives. This competition of one-upmanship over the rest gives rise to passion. There is a humungous difference between Passion and Compassion.

_“Shower your compassion with passion and follow your passion with compassion.”_ – (ref. The Pink Slip)

We are passionate because of love. We act out of love. It is easier to conclude that our Love nurtures our Passion and decides our Karma (actions). It is our love to do something that makes us passionate and perform our Karmas accordingly. A simple example I can think of is writing. I love writing. More than entertaining my wonderful readers, I am passionate about satisfying my bruised self by writing as better as possible. I act accordingly by writing to prove myself that I can express myself in a better way. These are my actions. This is my Karma.

But there are times when love gives rise to anger, disappointments, frustration, hatred. Many times we are angry, frustrated, disappointed with our results in spite of our actions. Needless to say, that’s the blessing and the curse of experiencing love. Here’s what I have learned about loving. Let love be your strength but let not love blind you. Be passionate while doing what you love to do but be compassionate towards all whether they deserve your love or not. Let there be love in your actions but avoid actions that insult the idea of love. With this, I sign off focussing on my Love. Passion. Karma. What about you?

Peace, Poetry and Power.