(This post would have been ordinary without suggestions by Priyesh Shah. Thank you for making it special.)

Precautionary Note: This post may contain language unsuitable for kids and people who choose arrogance over self-assessment.

If you have managed to spare next 5 minutes without a lapse in concentration then pat yourself on your back because you chose to read this post over:

  1. pouting on Snapchat/Instagram.
  2. reacting to the posts on your Facebook timeline.
  3. scrolling up/down going through countless tweets.
  4. lol-ing or hahaha-ing on WhatsApp/other chat messenger forwards.
  5. randomly surfing through shopping websites to update your wishlist.
  6. scheming/blackmailing your partner to fulfill your demands.

How do I know it? Well.. that’s the human tendency! That’s what we do.

  1. Wake up in the morning.
  2. Go to work.
  3. Laze around by constantly staring at the screens varying from a 5-inch phone to a 25-inch monitor.
  4. Juggle between the social media tabs.
  5. Wait for the day to get over.
  6. Return home.
  7. Freshen up.
  8. Dine.
  9. Fiddle with the smartphones again.
  10. Doze off.
  11. Repeat.

Let’s just agree that such is the state of current affairs in our day to day lives. Wait! But current affairs means ‘events of political or social interest and importance happening in the world at the present time’. We Gujjus have coined a special term for it – **ગામ પંચાત **(pronounced as gaam pun-chaat) means having an opinion for almost every damned topic relevant/irrelevant to us. Here are a few examples that I can think of:

  1. Trump shouldn’t win US Presidential elections.
  2. Bitcoins are getting banned.
  3. Great Britain exits European Union.
  4. Brangelina split!

Forget about international news, we people are so talented that we can play the role of  Jahangir Khan from Dear Zindagi by voicing our opinions/advice regarding our brother’s best friend’s cousin sister’s mother’s aunt’s daughter’s relative! We are blessed with having solutions (read: jugaad) for everything right from changing a newborn’s nappies to world’s economy! Speaking of ‘economy’, we are currently struggling with issues faced due to demonetization. We are facing a cash crunch. Our businesses are hitting new lows. Suddenly our eyes lit up more while seeing Rs.100 notes rather than the Rs.2000 notes (considering the difficulties faced to tender change for the 2000s).

Kindly note, I am not here to write about the political, financial and political state of affairs for one simple fact – this isn’t my forte! I am here to write about my current affairs. Yes, I am sitting idle, staring at the blinking cursor and trying to open up about my love affair with writing. About my love affair with reading. About my affair with doing anything that makes me fall in love with. Numbers were never my type. Alphabets are. Words are. Sentences are. These are my current affairs. And they shall stay so till the time my soul decides to hang its boots.

Here’s a piece of unasked suggestion for you. When you have nothing to do, rather than staring at the screens of your devices choose Current (Present) Affair (Love). Love those who are Present arround you and the rest will follow. Your gadget screens aren’t Ali Baba’s cave, dude! Look around you. Your life is a journey, death is not the destination but a junction. Your destination lies in touching the hearts of as many possible people and be a part of their memories. You live just once. You love just once. You marry just once. It is true that you have the power to sire many kids simply because you can dump countless sperms or lay many eggs! But don’t mistake it to be end of your duty. Think about the ones who crave for a life like yours. About the ones who aren’t lucky to have wonderful parents, lovable spouse and angel-like children as you have. Your duty is to gift these people your attention. Because out of 100-billion odd people residing on our planet, they enter your lives. They choose to be associated with you over others. You are gifted to touch their hearts through your actions and expressions. And the best thing you can gift them is not purchaseable through your wealth – your time! Because time and tide waits for no man.

So here I am.. reading, writing, sharing and doing every possible good thing knowingly/unknowingly to touch your hearts! Hope you too do the same and make these goals a part of your current affairs! Or should I say – Sort your current affairs!

Peace, Poetry and Power.