First things, first. I would like to apologize to start my post with a cliché. By the end of the post, you may understand the reason behind it. So this is how it goes…

There are heroes, there are superheroes and then there is…

A Team of ‘Special’ Legends!

We – the human race are quite brilliant. If determined, we can turn any kind of adversity into a blessing in disguise. But at the same time, we tend to let our successes go on top of our heads and wear it as a symbol of pride, arrogance and haughtiness. Most of us are lucky enough to have a pair of eyes that helps us see the world as it is, a pair of ears that helps us listen to every possible sound around us, vocal chords that helps us voice our opinions, a nose to smell the fragrances and aroma dangling around us and finally the sense of touch that helps us feel many emotions. Our sharp senses help us survive and do many things in life. With all these five senses we have the power to reach unimaginable heights! Lucky, aren’t we? Or should I say – Arrogant, aren’t we?

Imagine what would happen if we lose any of the above mentioned senses. C’mon! Close your eyes, now try to walk a mile or two without hesitation. Put earplugs inside your ears, try to figure out what’s happening around you. Put a duct tape on your mouth and try to communicate about anything without speaking a single word.

Ok. Let us forget about physical deformities for a moment. Let us think of some other examples. Many of us have gone through a hell lot of failures in our lives – failure to meet academic goals, failure in business/job, failure in love life, failure in relationships, failure in marriages, failure as parents. Any kind of inability that causes hindrance and hampers our progress in life doesn’t make us feel good.

It feels suffocating, right? Many kind of thoughts pile up in the mind – frustration, handicapped and even suicidal at an extreme level. What would you do if you suffered from any such disabilities? What would you if you encounter any of these failures. Let’s be honest, many of us would have simply given up or maybe curse our karmas, blame our parents for not taking care of us while we were fetuses. To add salt to their wounds, we would even address them and God with expletives for not killing us to end our miseries. _Wow!_ This seems a brilliant idea _– kill yourself and that will end the misery of yours as well as the people taking care of you._ Is this it? Like seriously?

We are humans. We take pride in what we do. We are proud of our achievements. At times the success goes above our heads. We hate failure. It makes us feel miserable. We hate it when we are not able to achieve our targets. We get frustrated when things don’t go according to our plan. We curse ourselves for taking wrong decisions. We berate ourselves for our failures. We think that taking an extreme step can free us from our mental state of apathy and agony.

I request you to spare a moment and meet a team of ‘special’ legends before you lose your sanity to negativity.

Meet this bunch. Most of them can neither speak nor hear. Their fault? No idea. But that doesn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams. They manage to communicate through a different medium. They sketch, they act, they dance. They never let their disabilities cause hindrance to their progress. They live their lives normally. They do their chores, some of them even work at banks and offices as computer operators and accountants.

I learnt quite a few lessons about life from them. When life throws you lemons, take a pinch of salt and prepare a lemonade for yourself. Nothing is impossible to achieve with the help of determination, dedication and devotion. And lastly, I learnt that if the experience with them cannot inspire me to live life then maybe nothing else can. They deserve to be my heroes – our superheroes.

Peace, Poetry and Power.