Dates change. Days change. Time changes as well.

Wise men say, “PAST is not a good home to dwell.”


Few old habits that had gone for a toss seem to have returned. Like mentally listening to the sound of silence, the whispering of the woods, the whistling leaves, the random honking of cars getting parked at odd hours.

After going through my blog post history, I noticed that the gap between my previous and current post has been half a year. Strange thoughts and emotions pop up when I realize how words have deceived to be at my service when I need them the most.

Thoughts, they say, get translated into words and if the person gets luckier, those words turn into blog posts. These blog posts, then, search for ways to enter the heart and mind of those people who seek motivation and inspiration to rebuild themselves. Such kind of thoughts are usually optimistic and positive. They somehow change the thought process of the cynics.

Yet, these thoughts, sometimes, take a beating. These thoughts take a hasty retreat. Positive thoughts sometimes seem nothing more than a myth or mirage. Cultivating such thoughts become a tough ask. Suddenly everything around seems to be negative. Circumstances, situations, places and people as well. Those who were God-sent angels in past, now seem to be devil in disguise. Who is to be blamed? We talk about changes in people, yet why do we never say that our way of seeing people has changed as well! Why do we feel that people around us have changed? We talk about growing as a person. But is the growth possible without adapting with time? Can being static help in growth in dynamic situations?

We complain. We whine. We rant. We groan. We grouse. Every moment we grumble about something or the other. We find the same things unfavorable that were rosy earlier. We look back at our past actions. We doubt our decision making abilities. Our confidence takes a beating. And then the worst of our illusions take shape of reality. The thoughts become our masters. We become the slaves of our own manifestations happening in our minds.

So what makes me write all this in the middle of the night? Well.. There is no reason behind writing all this. I am not here to preach about optimism. I am not here to show ways to lead a positive life. I am not here to change the outlook and mentality of naysayers. Let’s leave this job to be done by motivational speakers, pep talkers and management gurus.

It is okay to be hurt, to be pained, to be disappointed. It is okay to cry, to sob. But that’s it. Instead of sulking about it, blaming own self, burning with anger all the time, it is better to keep calm and mould ourselves according to the situation. It doesn’t mean that we have lost our originality. It doesn’t mean about compromising with our roots. It just means that we have upgraded our version of life by fixing our issues like the bug fixes option available in the software upgrades.

There is no point of clinging to the past. There is no point of comparing the past with the present. There is no point of worrying what lies in the future. Sometimes, going with the flow is a better option than stay stuck in past. Sometimes, choosing greater good is far more feasible than selfishly thinking about personal good. This is the way of living life. This is life through my eyes. This is life… The way I see it as.