A confession about me and people like me..

I don’t really have a single identity.

If you see me working then you might see me as an employer or employee.

If you see me at an educational institution then you might see me as a tutor or a student.

But I have a hidden identity.

Some of you may accept me with open arms.

Some of you might accept me with hesitation.

Some of you may ostracize me because I am not one of you.


I am not talking about having superhero qualities.

I am not talking about my sexual orientation.

I am not talking about my caste, creed, race or religion.

I am not talking about my financial status.

I am talking about my hidden identity…


The characters I create aren’t me. They are a part of me.

They are a part of me who is:

An adventurer

A die hard romantic

A warrior

A prince/princess

An unsung hero

A mistaken villain

A freak

A loyal friend

They are the parts

I hide

I wish to be

I have been

I will be.

But I don’t admit it due to fear of not being accepted.

Every story is based on truth.

A truth that exists in the realms of my imagination.

I write not to impress.

I write to express..

My joy

My pain

My wishes

My likes

My dislikes

These words are my ACTIONS, my KARMAS.

Something that I am going to take an account of.

When I write something, I do not write it as a matter of habit.

I pour out my feelings and a part of my soul from my thoughts to paper to print.

When I write I Love You it is not to impress you.

It is what I feel for you.

When I write I Hate You it is not to kill you.

It is to correct you.

When I write about the people or surroundings I can’t stay without, its not to object your opinion.

Its the way I see them through my eyes.

I have always learnt to find goodness around me.

I am too flawed to find flaws around me.

The words I use are as good as the actions I commit.

When I write a word, I dont just give my word..

I live my word!

My words aren’t enough to fulfill the needs of people in my life.

My words aren’t enough to satisfy their desires.

But my words are one of the reasons I survive in their lives!

My words have the ability to provide you one thing… HOPE!

I breathe because I write!

I write because I breathe!

Accept this identity of mine along with me.

Choose me or Lose me!!

… Because I AM A WRITER.

…and I am not ashamed of admitting it!