28th October, 2012

This date shall always glitter and shine in the history of Vagad community. On this day, one of the oldest and sucessfully run institution of Vagad community called Shree Vagad Kala Kendra became the first institution to organise a sport event that has never been witnessed in the 60 year old odd history of Vagad. Most of the people know it is a marathon race but given the essence of ‘Panjo Vagad’, it has become famous as “VAGAD MINITHON”.


The race organised by the sports committee of SVKK, under the guidance of the senior committee members was blessed by the presence of a huge crowd that comprised of volunteers, participants and many Vagadite spectators who came to cheer the 400 odd runners. The race was divided into four age categories i.e.

  1.  Below 15 years

  2. 15 to 35 years

  3. 35 to 50 years and

  4. Above 50 years.

Each category was divided into subcategory male and female, which made participation on fair basis. The race distance was divided into three categories i.e.

  1. 3 km

  2. 5 km and

  3. 10 km

As notified earlier, the organisers of this event reached at 5 am sharp and got themselves ready to make this event a grand occassion with swift preparations. Every detail was minutely checked by the organising team of SVKK. Volunteers, drinks, medical van, signboards, etc were arranged accordingly for the best experience of participants in an easy way. The participants gathered at 6 am while the race started on its scheduled time of 6:30am with nashik dhols and lezim bands to entertain. A strong 390 odd participants started the run towards the end point. Every fast runner was cheered and every tired body was motivated by the volunteers as well as fellow participants to cross the finish line. Afterall, that was the real motto of this event “RUN VAGAD RUN TOGETHER”.

The races ended nearly after 2 hours and everyone made their way towards the refreshments counter that had idli, wada, tea, coffee which of course was as good as one would have expected it to be. Certificates were issued to the participants while the winners were felicitated with certificate, medal and cash by the core committee as well as the help behind this event by the gentleman called Samson Sequiera. Interestingly, he is also a medal winner of 89 km marathon race in South Africa. His speech regarding importance of fitness and marathon races as well as surprise of watching so many participants run had attracted a huge round of applause and cheers from the crowd.

Let me bring a few numerical facts to light:

1 – Edition of Vagad Minithon

2 – Number of subcategories in age groups

3 – Number of race distances

4 – Number of age groups participating

5 – Number of lady participants in above 50 category

10 – Number of runners felicitated in each category

390 – Number of participants who ran the race

The response to the whole event was overwhelming and it surely gave a humbling experience to all those who witnessed this mega event. The only sad faces that must have ever been were those who missed participating in this event. SVKK, through this event, have once again showed their calibre and proved their detractors wrong by organising this event SUCCESSFULLY.

Bravo Team SVKK and as for rest of the readers all I would say is wait for the next Vagad Minithon where you shall hear again… On Your Mark.. Get Set.. Run Vagad Run Together!