Hello to all my dear Dost Log 🙂

Finally my wait for a personalized website is over. 😀

Waiting, if we actually see, is always a taxing activity. Not because we lack time. It’s because we lack patience. Yep. You read it correctly… It is PATIENCE that most of us lack.

We all have the same amount of time with us. The same 60 seconds, the same 60 minutes, the same 24 hours, the same 7 days and the same 12 months. If we have our will, then we can do the same things as most of the successful people do. We have that quality and gut in ourselves to climb the pinnacles of success.

If we have our will then all of us can climb Mount Everest. We can build The Great Walls. We can achieve all goals, virtually. Let’s be honest. Most of us have gone through many self-help books, inspirational multimedia resources, a pep talk with somebody whom we trust to help us get up when we fall down to our failures. We try all the formulae to succeed in achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves and things that we want to have in our lives. The amount of efforts maybe same but somehow the results fail to be the same.

The difference lies in PATIENCE. 🙂

Most of us lack patience. In this fast paced world, we look for instant results just like cooking Maggi noodles! Bas two minutes! 😛

Sadly, the two-minute formula does not work everywhere. When we plant a seed, it doesn’t instantly turn into a tree. Just by laying a foundation stone of a structure, it doesn’t turn into a building. Apart from efforts and hardwork we need one more ingredient and that is patience to let the things develop.

Somehow we stress more on end results rather than on the process to produce the end results. Call it funny or sad, but that’s the fact.  😐

Some learn it the easy way and most of us learn it in a hard way. We need time to nourish and nurture the dreams, goals and  objectives. The difference lies in prioritizing them.

Dost Log… Nothing happens without a reason. When we encounter failure in life, it is not just because of our efforts. It is because we maybe lacking patience to let things evolve. There is always a chance to rectify when things go wrong. Just like a well cooked food is tasteless without proper amount of salt or sugar, in the same way, hardwork and efforts are useless without patience. Every right thing happens at a right time and for a right reason!

Because no matter what we want to achieve in our lives, sometimes… The Wait Is Worth! 🙂


Jai Ho! 🙂