Heylos Amigos.. I mean my dear Dost Log. It has been quite a time since I updated myself. Well.. that’s the reason why I have been absent from the blog. And that’s the reason why I haven’t really been able to update my blog.

I have always maintained the fact that the core intent of an ideal blog is not about teaching or blabbering long written notes to the readers. It is about sharing knowledge gained through random experiences during the walks of life. It is about being honest with the self as well as the reader.

When a knowledge seeker gets stuck at some point of his life, he turns to a blog in order to either help him find a way or guide him pave a way towards the solution. This is what I have been working on, lately. Well, the intention is not to make it as an ideal blog but to share the experiences.

Having born and brought up as humans, we tend to go through certain stages of life, by default.

  • When we were kids, we went through being mischievous, getting attracted towards toys, board games, mini vehicles, remote controlled gadgets, free gifts, chocolates and many more to name. We kicked our legs, threw tantrums, cried hoarsely, acted like weirdos when our demands were never fulfilled. That was the period of innocence.

  • We grew up from kids to adolescence, a stage where we struck puberty and slowly evolved into teenagers. We got into the web of competitions among classmates, cronies, peers. We felt our hearts beating for the first time when we got into one-sided love (technically known as a crush). The pressure to perform as a student, as a team member, as a sportsman just got bigger and bigger. We grew, our demands increased and so did our range of emotions. _

  • Teenage gone… We enter the phase of adulthood. A race begins to chase our dreams, achieve our targets, to get settled in life. We strive ourselves to the zenith of our limits to secure our future. A future that we are unsure of. Practically, we don’t even know if we shall be able to reap the benefits of the seeds that we are sowing at present._ Our approach towards life became more mudane, more devilish, more robotic and slowly the positive array of emotions faded away with time.

Now, according to me, anything can be classified into three categories:

  • The Good
  • The Bad
  • The Confused The Good generally consists of positive things like happiness, smile, joy to add a few.

The Bad consists of negativity like sadness, anger, guilt, ego and so on.

The Confused consists of something that is unusually usual. Like sort of lethargy, not interested, least important and so on.

The way we approach our life is the way we actually live. It reminds me of a very popular thought that says, “It is good to be Good. It is good to be Bad. But it is bad to be Confused.”

Well… Most of the time of our lives pass away in confusion. We do things without having a knowledge whether it is good, whether it is bad, whether it is important, whether it is unimportant, whether it is going to be useful, whether it is useless.

It is sad to say the bitter truth but In the race to earn a living, we have forgotten how to live.

Of course, we would like to categorize ourselves into The Good. We may be unlucky to be in The Bad. But finding ourselves in The Confused category? We ourselves are to blame for it.

Are we actually living our lives? Or is it that we are living just for the sake of living? History has been the witness, we become what we choose. It is upto us to choose to be good, to be bad. But being confused? Nah! Nobody lasts longer in that category.

So here you are… These are your choices that will help you to lead your life! What do you prefer?

The Good? The Bad? Or as usual, The Confused?