No matter how hard you suppress your feelings and emotions, someday.. somehow they shall erupt. No matter how often you fool the world or yourself, someday.. somehow they shall catch up with you in the form of KARMA.

-A not so random saying by a random person

(A heartfelt note: If you are reading this post or if you have been asked to read this post, it’s probably because you matter a lot to the person who asked you to do so and he/she might want to ‘confess’ that you are still one of those beautiful colours who has painted his/her happy life through the times that you have spent and the memories that you have created.)

Midnight… Three past something in the background clock… Fighting with the invisible demons to get some sleep. The demons then taking the form of memories.. Funny memories actually.. They make you laugh when you remember some odd tearful memories and they make you cry when you remember some odd funny memories.. All of a sudden an urge to make a coffee for self pops up.. An urge to switch on your gadget and get into conversation with a random friend online.. An urge to confess and spurt out odd things, hardly mattering, that have been suppressed for a long time.. Looks like the law of Karma has finally caught up..

Hello.. Welcome to “the Achilles tendon of life” that deals with Koffee, Konversations, Karma and Konfessions.

Let’s be honest. The title of this post sounds weird. I mean it ‘looks’ weird. But I have an explanation for it. Well, doesn’t my profile describe that Blogs by Bugs is all about writing, straight from the heart? Well, if this is the thing that is going on inside my mind and heart then how can it sound weird, eh?