Ok.. Heylos! To all who are about to read this post.. And to all those who are suppose to read this post. It has been a long time since I really wrote something. Something.. I mean anything.. I mean nothing.. I mean.. What thing? :S

Ummm.. I guess I am one of those from the confused lots who has some-thing, any-thing or no-thing to say about. Probably I find myself stuck in a vacuum mode.

Vacuum? Did I mean getting stuck inside a vacuum cleaner? :S No ways! 😐

So what is this vacuum that I am talking about? Ok. Read on.

Before you read further, I would like to clarify that these are my individual views. They may be right. They may be wrong. I respect everyone’s views and I am proud of what science has achieved till date. But these are strictly based on my thoughts.

Vacuum, theoretically, is a space without matter in it. (Now, that’s what most of you know.)

Scientists say that a perfect vacuum has never been obtained. (Now, that’s what most of us hardly know about.)

But honestly speaking, we don’t need to be a scientist to create a vacuum because we always experience the ‘vacuum’ feeling in our day-to-day lives. Technically speaking, vacuum is a hollow substance that has nothing present inside it. Well.. Most of the people like me experience this ‘vacuum’ feeling or the ‘hollow’ feeling in the different phases of life. Check out the scenarios:

Scenario 1..

There are times when we are given spot on topics to discuss about without getting appropriate time to create the ‘matter’ inside our mind. May it be while participating in a debate, an elocution competition, addressing any issues, giving pep-talks to somebody in need. There is perhaps, a nanosecond (or less than that) moment, where our brain ceases to function and fill it up with the subject to talk about. In this case, our brain becomes the ‘space’ and the idea becomes the ‘matter’.

So, can I assume that by not being able to talk about, I have created or experienced a vacuum for a few moments?

Scenario 2..

There are times when we go through the ups and downs in our daily lives. There are times when we have enjoyed the accolades and also bore the insults for the work done accordingly. There are times during examinations when we work hard but the results don’t turn according to our expectations. There are also the times when we take things easily and the results are quite encouraging and way beyond our expectations. There are times when the reactions of our bosses in our offices are varied for the work we have done or for the project we have completed. But for a split-second our brain doesn’t know how to react to the results.

Does that create a vacuum inside us?

Scenario 3..

We are in love. (Aah.. I guess this one’s going to be the most read scenario in this post. Hehehe.) Of course, each and every living being falls in love with some or the other. Most of us either like to hide our love or profess our love to someone through some or the other medium. The result is that either it is accepted or it is rejected. But both the parties (the suitor and the replier) go through a split-second vacuum where the brain doesn’t make out what to answer and what not to.

Does this experience also gives us a hollow feeling?

Strange but true: Our bodies are the best available laboratories that conduct unknown experiments on their own, only to notify us what we have really created or found out. Our brain is more of a labyrinth which intends to confuse us who try to navigate through its intricate network of pathways and passageways.

Also, there is nothing called a reader’s nightmare or a writer’s bloc. It’s neither ‘all’ nor ‘nothing’ but a vacuum.

Last but not the least, all I wish to say is….. Oops! I forgot what I have to say further… Looks like I got stuck in the vacuum mode again! 🙂

Happy reading folks!