A child and a parent separate with each other due to irreconcilable differences. They have issues right from the way of lifestyle to the way of standard of living. The differences crop up to such an extent that they are compelled to say, “THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.” And the rest is history.

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A teacher is forced to stop teaching a student because of daily, basic and common problems with each other such as lack of interest among one of them, weak in studies, fussy nature, back answering habits and many other issues that may not be known to the common man. The result of this difference is, “THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.”

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A friendship that has been of many years, that has been tested by many, that has gone through lots of trials and tribulations part ways by saying, “THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.”

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An employer fires his most favored employee, who has been associated for years, due to the most common problems that are faced by them such as work ethics, limited trust, payment issues and so on. The outcome is the same. “THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.”

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A couple, after many years of togetherness, contemplate separation due to issues that haunt most of the people. In fact, the water rises so much above the head that they are compelled to say, “THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.”

Hello readers. Welcome back to the brutal reality of life. THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Lack of love. Infidelity. Cultural differences. Different lifestyles. Different ethics. Trust issues and so on.

The relationships vary from stage to stage of life. But every human passes through these stages and phases either one at a time or all of a sudden together. The outcome of such stages result to one and the same… FAILURE in making the relationship survive.

Relationship (like food, air and water) is the most important ingredient in this dish of life. It needs to be properly cooked and most importantly served in a better way to make it taste sweeter. The excuses to end a relationship may be many but there are just three (or probably more than three) important ingredients that can curb the relationships to fail.

  1. Communication: It is always important to communicate with each other on a regular basis to make a relationship work. A child and a parent shall never feel love for each other if there is a communication gap between them. A teacher shall never become as great as Drona and a student shall never become as valiant as Arjuna unless the communication is without any barriers. Friends can never compliment each other or stand by each other through thick and thin phases without communication. No employer can become a numero uno in his field of business if there is no transparency in communication with his employees. And no lovers or couples can make their relationship everlasting without communication. probably that’s the reason people say, “Long distance relationships don’t work and last long.”

  2. Respect of Opinions: Accept or ignore this fact, no two individuals can be same. There is always a difference in thinkings of two individuals. This is what gives birth to EGO and ARROGANCE. A healthy discussion is anytime better than an ugly spat. The perfect example for a child-parent relationship is the Raj Kapoor starrer movie Kal, Aaj aur Kal. A teacher may or may not agree to the way a student approaches any subject, topic or discussion may it be in the field of academics or sports. It is probably the lack of respect towards each others’ opinions that leads to the cracks in a teacher-student relationship. In terms of friendship going kaput, many friendly duos can be exemplified like Paes-Bhupathi, Salman-SRK. Do I need to say more? Successful business are run because of the repect of opinions of the boss and the worker towards each other. A marriage works and lasts longer on the basis of respecting each others’ opinions. It isn’t always necessary that a man and a woman agree to each other. The differences may vary from culture and way of upbringing to standard of living and habits. It is this respect of opinion that never lets ego and arrogance replace love!

  3. Reciprocating and Complimenting each other’s feelings or views: Mere communication and respecting each others’ opinions doesn’t work to make a relationship work. It is of utmost importance to reciprocate towards each others’ views and feelings. Being vocal may help to address an issue. Lending an ear towards an issue is just another step to approach the issue. But it is the reciprocating towards the views that helps solving the issue. It is important for a parent to shower his/her child with love and care. And it is more important for a child to let his/her parent know how he/she feels towards the parents. Similarly, it is important for a teacher to boost confidence inside a student by complimenting the student’s work. Same goes to the case of friends and employer-worker. It is important for a person to express his/her love and care to the partner in a way he/she is good at. But it is also necessary that it comes from both the ends. Most of the relations fail without any serious reasons. That’s because of finding it unnecessary to respond to the feelings that a partner showers on the other. Merely seeing, listening and making note of the partner’s love and care doesn’t make a relationship work. It is important to compliment back. Probably this avoids excuses like infidelity, lack of love and other myriad reasons that compel couples and spouses to break up. It helps in avoiding relations getting rotten like fruits and vegetables.

I hope these steps help people avoid using the sentence, _“**THIS IS IT… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE” **_frequently or at any point of life. Lastly, it takes ages to build a relation but seconds to break it.

As from my end… THIS IS IT!