So finally I have been able to write something. And look at what makes me write it? My latest prized possession.. A blackberry handset. Ok, to be honest I am very much upset with the blackberry. It’s because of this instrument that the whole of India is facing various problems. It makes me feel glad that the Indian government is taking strict measures to ban the root cause of all the problems.. A Blackberry. Here are some of the reasons why I want the Indian government to ban my Blackberry services:

  1. Crores of rupees are stashed in Swiss accounts that belong to so many ‘loyal’ politicians of India but nobody wants to raise curtains over it because they are busy fighting to curb BB services.

  2. Nobody is having time to save the face of India by helping Commonwealth Games become a success because we are busy curbing the BB services.

  3. We are eager to help our ‘neighbour friendly’ Pakistan because of floods but we are least interested in saving Leh due to landslides and cloudbursts because for us BB threat is more dangerous.

  4. Kashmir is burning on fire, observing protests, youths are getting killed. The region is nothing less than a puppet controlled by Geelani, Abdullah and Gandhi. But we are busy sorting out our issues with BB.

  5. Everyone wants to enjoy the battle between BCCI and Lalit Modi but nobody wants to create awareness for our national sport hockey because we are far more interested in saving BB rather than saving our national integrity.

  6. It’s worth spending crores of money for security of terrorists but nobody is interested in using it for the welfare of the country. I would blame the BB services for it because their money hasn’t reached inside the pockets of our government.

  7. We are lacking basic infrastructure, we lag behind most of the developed and developing countries, our coastal areas still have lack of security measures, our education system has been fed to dogs, our country is being run by under qualified people but nothing can be done about it because first the government has to deal with the BB problems.

Wow… So basically, until and unless the BB thing is not sorted out, our country is not going to progress because BB isn’t ready to burn holes inside their pockets to shut the mouth of Indian government. Hail the Blackberry! You have the power to keep my whole nation standstill!

P.S. This blog has been written, edited and posted through my Blackberry!