An air of caution:

Before anybody reads this post, I would like to warn you not to take it in a bad taste. I wish to apologize to all the people who are mentioned below and whose works are stated below. Also, do not rate this post unless you have read it completely. And finally, do not assume it to be one of my genre or forte.

Ok, so here goes my blog. It has been ages since I could write something. Now this one isn’t anything thought-provoking. It’s just… Don’t know. I leave it upto the readers.

So finally, I had a great workfree Sunday. I just needed to do any damned thing on earth to kill time. Even if it was watching a movie. And maybe fate played a game that I could get tickets of just one movie, “Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai”. (Rest all had ‘house full’ board on the ticket counters. Ain’t sure if they were true.) Of course, I had guts to see movies like KANK, Dostana and the baap of all, Naqaab. So it was pretty brave of me to watch JKSAH.

But after watching the movie, I owe an apology. I owe an apology to each and every member who has been the part of this movie. You guys have been the nth persons on this earth to prove me wrong. (Of course, the first people while watching any movies have been the “adorable” people in the film industry namely, trade pundits, media, analysts and last but not the least, ‘reviews’.)

According to me, the toughest job in the film industry is to review the movies and rate them with twinkling stars. Oh come on. Most of the times I don’t see them giving reviews through audience’s perspective. Instead I find them a bunch of funny vampires who are ready to unleash their teeth and suck the blood, sweat and the hardwork of the people involved in it.

Ok. So they are doing their jobs and I really appreciated their hardwork of sitting in an AC multiplex’s most comfortable seat, warming their b*****ks, sleeping their way till the interval, filling up their tabloids with cliched matter and a mixture of flowery words which goes bouncer and bonkers off the readers’ heads.

Ah! Come on guys. It’s time that you guys get lenient over the industry that works hard day and night to entertain the common man (who seeks entertainment in general, if not a complete ‘vasool’ of money). There have been times when the reviewers have made grave mistakes while rating a movie. (I wouldn’t like to name them though.)

Coming back to JKSAH, looking at the 1-1.5 star ratings given by the critics, I was mentally prepared to bear the movie. But after leaving the theatre, I was sad (because the reviews were so misguiding). I must confess, I had to eat my words. I was pretty satisfied, smiling. (And I am sure my hardcore review friends Dada and Aatish felt the same.)

The movie has a story (which I am sure you might have read it in each and every newspaper review columns). The movie features actors and actresses (which I am sure you might have read it in each and every newspaper review columns). The movie has it’s pros and cons (which again, I am sure you might have read it in each and every newspaper review columns). So I wouldn’t really like to waste your time by repeating them again and again. But if you look through my eyes, all that is visible is the sincerity, honesty and praiseful work done by Riteish Desmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Sonal Sehgal, Vishal Malhotra and of course my favourite Farah Khan, (She is the most honest person onscreen and offscreen. She carries her real life character of arrogance with grace, courtesy Indian Idol.)

What surprises me the most is the crisp editing of this movie. Never does it feel like the movie is a drag! Well… That’s my review. I am too small and inexperienced to rate this movie with stars. But someday I hope that every man waits with open arms to catch his woman of dreams from Venus.

Kudos to the actors and actresses of this movie. And last but not the least, a pat on the shoulders of the man called Milap Milan Zaveri who has carried out this film with grace.

That’s it for now. Time to sleep and fight the nightmares starring the people and reviewers who take this post in a bad taste.. Hehehe.