Ok. So by now, most of us have so many issues in our lives for what is happening around us. We are fighting in our compound for parking spaces. We are fighting with our parents for not fulfilling silly demands. We are fighting with our employers or employees for not achieving desired results. We are fighting with our spouses for same old crap reasons like bad dressing, choiceless food, arguments with elders, etc. etc. We are fighting. We are fighting. And everything that we are doing is all related to fighting.

Forget about decreasing the number of reasons of fighting, the figure isn’t stable at all. These bloody ‘reasons’ don’t have stability at all. As if we had lesser reasons that now we are fighting for other reasons like fighting with neighbouring countries for a piece of land. Slaughtering the goodwill of filmstars for their statements. Holding demonstrations for reasons that are baseless. Playing mudslinging matches with each other like politicians to prove that we have balls in our bodies to (mis)rule our country. Misinterpreting the meanings of freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of press.

Today, it is not Bhavin Shah, who’s writing this statement. It is me, the common man highlighting the issues that I am facing because of tug-of-war played by the people who are governing my area, city, state and country. It is I, the Indian, who is actually trying to put down my grievances on this post.

My history and geography teachers have been teaching me about India ever since I was a kid. My civics and economics teachers taught me about my rights and making optimum utilisation of those rights and resources. But now I find that those teachers made a fool out of me. They taught me all crap, all wrong things. And that is the reason why I am suffering till this date. My teachers taught me about Gods like Mahaveer and Buddha who preached about peace. My teachers taught me about greats like Gandhi who chased Britishers out of the country through non-violence and satyagrahas. My teachers taught me about Ambedkar who wrote the constitution and making me, the common man realise about my rights and duties. My teachers taught me about Kashmir, Taj Mahal and glorious things about rest of the states that made me feel proud to be an Indian. My teachers taught me about how every problem (may it be related to area disputes, inflation, deflation) has a solution that needs to be carefully assessed before being implemented. The only thing they failed to teach me is a sour fact that the real world is different than the one that I learnt in theory. Let me get you across the problems that I am facing:

  1. Politicians are given more security than me, the common man, inspite of the fact that it is me who has chosen them.

  2. I am facing day-to-day problems while commuting, may it be by trains or by roads due to various reasons like megablocks, traffic jams, bad conditions of roads, ongoing constructions.

  3. I am unable to provide basic necessities of life to my family because of over escalation of prices.

  4. My future generations are unable to get qualitative education because of the ‘donations’ asked by education institutions of my choice.

  5. I am not provided good entertainment because of the ongoing wars between national icons and national thugs (read: worst politicians. I believe not all politicians are bad. Some are worst too.)

  6. My practical life and the one which I learnt in theory is exact the opposite.

  7. As if I could live peacefully, I am not even allowed to die because attempt to suicide attracts jail and mercy killing is a crime according to the Indian Law.

  8. I can’t walk safely on roads because of drunk drivers.

  9. I have to live without water and electricity supply because most of my share goes to the politico bigwigs. (Read Mumbai mirror newspaper for details.)

  10. And my list goes on…

All I wish to ask is whether there is a solution for the problems of me the common man. Or like always, do I have to assume that my precious vote got wasted? We fight for silly statements, we motivate violence in our speeches and thoughts, we damage our reputation among most of the nations because of fighting among ourselves. Today we are blaming Marathis, Biharis, UPs, Gujaratis, Rajasthanis, Tamils for snatching jobs, lands, blah blah blah. Today we are blaming each other for spreading terrorism even though the third party takes the advantage by invoking hatred amonst us. Today some of us wants Vidarbha, Telangana, Bundelkhand, etc. Tomorrow we will demand Mumbai, Kutch, Rajputana, etc. It’s like cutting your mother into pieces and telling your siblings to take away the share.

Is this what we want to teach our future generations?
Is this what we want to feel glorified about?
Is this what we call as our values?

I would like people (specially those idiots getting motivated by politicians who apply divide-and-rule policy) to stop complaining about the untidy neighbourhood even though our own doorsteps are dirty. I am a pro-SRK even though he’s a Muslim. I am a pro-Tendulkar even though he’s a Maharashtrian, I am a pro-Ambani even though he’s a Gujarati, I am a pro-Big B even though he’s referred as a Bhaiyya. I am a pro-Indian.

I know most of us will just read this blog, then will feel motivated to change the system, then excuse ourselves from really working towards achieving the goal of “One India – United India”, then act as if we are sleeping and then we will wake up from the slumber and say “What is this chaos all about???”