Its close to midnight and I am still searching around for my thinking cap to turn my thoughts into visible words. In these 24 odd years, I have picked up bits and pieces of the lessons taught by life with a hope to share with you, the reader. Critics think I am a rookie or an amateur when it comes to writing. While my loved ones, near and dear ones (and also those who are stranger to me but still feel connected to me through my writings) think that I am a pro. But my only reply to them is a word of thanks for taking out time to assess my works. All I have got to say is that I am still learning. And learning is not a solution towards problems but a process towards solutions. And who is a better teacher than pain!

Only a liar will say that he doesn’t know what is pain. The simple reason is that pain is the part and parcel of life. The only difference is the viewpoint, how a person views pain. Do you look pain as a curse or do you look it as a lesson? The bottom line is how you view pain moulds your character.

Lets have a jamming session about pain. There are different kinds of pain. And there are different definitions found in thesauras and dictionaries by Oxford, Cambridge, Merriam and Websters, Wikipedia, etc. The sensation is the same though the sources of pain are different and sometimes weird too. How do we categorize pain? Pain of loneliness? Pain of frustration? Pain of loss? Pain of failure? Pain of jealousy? Pain of humiliation? Pain of heartbreak? Did I say heartbreak? Hmmm…

In these 24 years of living a life, like every common man, I too have experienced various kinds of pain. Some that were shared and some that remained unshared, locked deep within the depths of heart. I too have closed some of those kinds, tightly inside a Pandora’s box. I guess some things are meant to remain that way. But then my only question that remains unanswered is about how to get rid of it. Why is it necessary to carry the pain like an excess baggage while living a life? Why do we look carrying pain as an act of compulsion rather than a lesson while leading a life? How many of us have felt connected by a common thread called pain? I am sure most of the people who have read this post or who are reading it feel connected.

If we conduct a research on the power of pain, we can create loads of thesis about the power of pain. Most of us, look at pain like a curse. Call it politics, sports, business, personal or thousands of other venues, we can still find out easily about the power of pain. The thing that sets apart is the mode of pain. Such is the power of pain that it can lead to avenge, it can lead towards vices or to be worst it can lead towards destruction, may it be mass destruction or self destruction. But is this the only reason why we are living a life? Is this a compulsion to carry pain like an excess baggage?

It’s upto us how we want to take pains in understanding pain. Nobody else can help other than ourselves to heal our pain. Instead of making pain as a crutch to which we hold on to lead the rest of our lives, it is easier to make pain our weapon… a weapon of knowledge that can help us learn important lessons. A weapon that can help others to avoid commit mistakes that we ever made. A weapon that can be a source of inspiration for all those known ones and strangers who find it difficult to cope up with it.

If you want to feel and unleash the power of pain over others then show them the power by healing their pain. If it is not possible then show them the power by enduring the pain caused by others. The best way to show the power of pain is by forgiving the source of pain. Because no source of pain shall live without guilt once it realizes that you have forgiven them. And that shall be the day when you become the master. A master that conquered the pain by erasing the word called “Pain”.