Before I begin to write something, I would like to highlight this particular thought that ran across my mind, “A man is no different than a beast unless he’s honest with himself.”

I have something to be honest about. I have been suffering from a writer’s bloc since quite a sometime. And this has been a reason for leaving my blog stale. Technically speaking, I do not expect a common man to understand the meaning of writer’s bloc. But an avid reader or a compulsive writer can understand what it really means. It is basically known as a writer’s cancer, simply because the thoughts, the feelings, the ideas inside a writer’s mind turn dead. There are thousands of symptoms of cancer. Similarly, the writer’s bloc has many symptoms. The most common symptoms are lack of interest, negative feedback, same ideas to write about, monotonuous reading or writing and over-experimentation with something that you are not good at.

But now, I plan to fight my writer’s bloc state and decide to concentrate on breaking the barriers that are hampering me to serve my wellwishers with something good to read about. There may be hundreds of writers with better potential than mine who could be suffering from writer’s bloc. I just wish to convey that it isn’t the end of the road. This particular lesson was taught by my online mentors:

“Writer’s bloc is inevitable. No body can stop it. Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Austen, Dumas and all other renowned writers have passed through this phase in their lives. If they couldn’t stop it, who are you to do so? Instead of cursing yourself for suffering this condition, take it as a blessing. It’s not a disease to be ashamed of. It is not a permanent condition. It is just a passing stage of life. It is your mind’s way of saying that you need a break from your thoughts. If you need a break, take it! But do not over-stress or force yourself to write if you cannot. Do not compromise with the quality of your works. Catch up doing things that you missed. Listen to the music of your favourite genre. Concentrate on other stuffs. Get inspiration from the surroundings, may it be nature, people or lifeless figures. Most important thing, do not lose hope… Because at the end of a dark tunnel, there’s always a ray of light. Last but not the least, you do not need to have superpowers to become a hero… because in some or the other way, You Are A Hero.”

So today, I stand up… to rejuvenate my thoughts… to fight against this writer’s cancer and most importantly… for “Breaking The Barriers”.