Hello to my readers and non-readers,

It’s around midnight and I am busy cherishing the best day of my life. Honestly, I ain’t getting engaged or married. I am not giving you guys any hint of shedding my bachelor’s tag. Because that’s the most precious thing I care about. People think the ‘bachelor’ tag is a sin. It’s a taboo in a conservative society like ours. And you encounter loads of people whose minds run like bullet trains. “Maybe, this xyz is having an affair with someone. Maybe, this abc has some medical history. Maybe this lmn cannot consummate with anyone.” Lol! Search for such kind of people and you shall get loads of gossip mongers. Anyways, that’s not the topic I want to discuss about. I wish to discuss with you about this best day of my life…

Sunday. 25th October, 2009
It’s not always when you get a holiday from your work, may it be a weekday or a Sunday. And it’s not always when you don’t plan out your schedule on a holiday. This similar stance has happened today. No waking up early, no to-do lists, no file checking, no assessments, no tasks to be fulfilled, no targets to achieve, no person to entertain… Ah! What a life! It’s a fairytale. But… A twist in the story… Does a person (who’s not regular in taking breaks and holidays) really like such fairytale life? Tough question. These 24 hours were the most difficult hours of my life. And that’s the reason why I rate it as the best. (Because the worst of rains bring out the best of rainbows.) I had nothing planned in my mind. This particular day, I never showed way to my life. Instead, life showed me a way to myself.

Picture this:
There’s never a single day in life, when a person stops planning. Planning has always been a part of a person’s life. May it be a housemaker (scheduling daily chores), students (planning to achieve targets), employees (planning to fulfill tasks), employers (planning to increase their net worth) or say beggars (collect more money in particular area), policemen (solving cases) or white-collared bureaucrats (bribe… Hehehe)… Simple is the funda, working styles are different but planning is the core of it.

But today, rules get broken and suddenly you don’t have anything to plan about. You just don’t want to be a dam to divert the flow… All you want is to go with the flow… You don’t have a boss to report to. You don’t have a spouse to help with chores. You don’t have files to assess. You don’t have a girl friend to impress by scratching heads and finding a new place to spend cosy moments. You don’t have ‘roz ka khit-pit’ (everyday tension). You don’t have an active mind that works like a ticking time bomb even while sleeping. Wow! It’s just so wonderful to live a life without worrying.

Hey, you guys must be wondering, why am I discussing all crap in this blog. To be honest, I don’t have a solidproof answer for this. I really don’t know the answer. All I know is that this is what I have experienced today. Tension free, care free life… What a day!

Somebody asked me, “What did you learn today?” I cheekily answered, “I learnt to live!”

So guys! Stop showing way to your life for a whole lifetime. Taking a break and letting your life show the way to yourself is always a great option. Now that’s what needs to be added in a Sunday to-do list or a Sunday task manager.

You must be wondering what about tomorrow… Well, what about tomorrow? Cherish your Sundays for yourself… And then it’s Back To Monday Blues!