First of all Michhami Dukkadam to all the limited readers who enjoy to read the things that I post.

Secondly, there’s one particular thing that caught my eye, since a long time. And that is a show called Sach Ka Saamna. I have heard so many people criticising the show and welcoming the concept of the show. But it deserves all kinds of accolades and flaks that it maybe receiving.

There’s one particular thing that I learned from one of my friends, who’s fondly known as Dada (Big Brother). “The best way to conquer and get rid of FEAR is by facing it!” There may be umpteen people suffering from umpteen different phobias. But there’s one particular fear that lies within every soul. Some acknowledge this fact while others fail to accept this fact. And that FEAR is the fear of speaking truth… The fear of confessing.

Everyone has to make decisions in their lives, whether the decision is hard or easy. But the worse decision you can ever make, is regretting the decision you already made. And that decision could be hurting the person you love by not confessing. I realised that I am one of those countless people who have a fear of confessing. And today I plan to get rid of my fear by facing it, with a hope that my one step could motivate others to get rid of the fear of confessing.

Everybody has one common problem with people, may it be family, friends or peers. And that is “These people don’t understand me at all.” This particular sentence builds up frustration in our system and that’s how the negativity enters into our souls. We act in such a way that sometimes
we ourselves regret for what we have done. “Galti kar toh di! Abhi aage kya? Usse sudhaar bhi toh nahi sakta? (I committed the mistake. So what? I cannot rectify it now.)” That’s what comes to our mind after we realise our mistakes. Here’s a heartbreaking piece of example:

There was a boy in his -teens. Like every teenager he wished to enjoy his life like all his friends did. Like going for dinner, watching movies, getting stylish stationary and loads of other things. One particular day, a few guests had arrived at his house and he was getting bored of them. So he asked his mother if he could go out with his friends to watch the movie. Mother denied it because it was quite late to go for a movie. But the boy never really took her words seriously. He just had anger buring from within that his parents never gave him freedom. So as his mother went to sit on a chair, he pulled it. His mother did not react anything till the guests were gone and the boy too left the house. He cried and kept on complaining about his parents. But God had great ways of punishing his children. As the boy walked, a piece of glass stuck into his foot. He bleeded profusely. He went back home and cried harder only to find out that his mother was crying. The boy mistook that she was crying for him. So the boy never paid heed to the care of his mother. Irrespective of the boy’s cold attitude, his mother took good care of his foot. Next day, mother had gone to the doctor and took out the x-ray of her back. The reports were quite bad. She had broken her tail-bone. The doctor asked how did it happen and she replied that she slipped while climbing stairs. The boy’s father too asked her the same question and her reply was the same. The boy realised his mistake and cried harder and harder. It was because of his crime that she had to suffer so much.

What happened about the boy? Did his mother forgive him?

Well… Mother’s love is far more greater than the pain she endures. She forgave her son at that moment itself. She realised that it was a child’s frustration that made her son take a drastic step. But the boy never forgave himself. He always saw himself as a criminal that day onwards. His mother forgot the incident as easy as one could have. But that incident had stuck in the boy’s mind till time. He still punishes himself for it…

And that boy is ME… Bhavin.

I never had the guts to tell my Mom a small sorry. But her heart is big enough to forgive me. I feel so small and cheap in front of her. The incident happened more than a decade ago. But it has never faded from my crime list. I pray to God that whether I get punished for other crimes or not. But I would happily accept my punishment for the thing I did to her. Someday if my mother reads this post, I would like to tell her that I have conquered my FEAR of confessing. And I have confessed about my misdeed in front of the whole world. I feel light from within.

I hope this little example can help you to face the truth because…. Take advantage of the cause not the effect. The effect will leave you in desperation, however, the cause will leave you with dignity.

Last but not the least, something to say…. Greatest thing about a storm is that a rainbow always comes after it.