It’s precisely 1.30 am and by the time I post this review, the clock may strike half past two. I am still wondering how do I start describing this movie. The biggest tension is how do I rate this movie (looking at the constellation of stars showered by the newspapers) and what advice should I give to the readers of this blog… Anyways, I leave the decision of rating this movie on the readers themselves.

Well… The movie starts this way. Rocker Nawab enters the elevator of some mall and apni Shantiben hurriedly enters the elevator. At the bottom of the screen you get to revise your school time lesssons like August, September, October, November, December, blah blah blah… I wished it was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, blah blah blah. Ok cut the crap… So here, Rocker Nawab tries to impress Shantiben by piling on and on… Waise main pile on toh karna nahi chahta… And by the he keeps repeating the dialogue, I feel that he’s suffering from piles… Slowly the romance grows and they kiss each other. How cute! Again it’s revision time for the viewers and you see too many characters that actually get jumbled inside your mind. By the time, 20 mins pass and I wonder if the Jab They Left director was sure about this movie. Luckily my doubts are shattered when the song Dooriyaan starts. Superb song.

Phir apna Rocker Nawab and apni Shantiben talk about breaking up and throwing a break-up party. (That’s a wonderful thought by the director. I adored this idea. I wondered how many break-up parties would have been thrown if I would have been going around with girls. Lol.)

Enter Chintu Uncle (who is real-life could-be father-in-law of Shantiben), with black coffee (Wow… My eyes lit up) in hand and asking Rocker about the reason of break-up. After yes-yes no-no between these two guys the actual movie starts. In comes Rocker Singh (apna Rocker Nawab in Punjabi ishtyle but as the young Chintu Uncle) who is head over heels in love with the simple Brazilian Kaur. He likes to follow Kaur on his cycle. He has the guts to travel thousand miles to have a glimpse of his ladylove. The only thing is that he is unable to express love.

As the movie moves on, there are frequent phone calls, chats, smses, voip, skype between Rocker Nawab and Shantiben. Simultaneously, Rocker Singh and Brazilian Kaur story moves on. Not even for a single moment did I feel confusion. The watcher loves every single moment of the narration of love story between Rocker Singh and Brazilian Kaur. Right from the bhangdas till the happy ending of their story.

In comes the Art Hero to romance with Shantiben and a Phirang to romance with Nawab. The exes help each other to impress their partners… Boringggg! Now the negative points start, the Twist song seems to be kept forcefully in this movie. If Nawab and Shantiben had to get again together then why need to get Shantiben married to Art Hero? What is the Phirang actually doing in the movie? The ending part of the movie seems to be dragged a bit. (I thought as if I was watching KANK part 2.)

But the lows of this movie are aptly covered by the Rocker Singh story. My verdict to you is Give It A Go atleast once because you may never know what Love is. Songs: Dooriyaan, Chor Bazaari, Aahun Aahun are good. Rocker Nawab and Shantiben may be acting okay but Rocker Singh, Brazilian Kaur and Chintu Uncle are the real stars of the movie. It’s definately a movie which ‘mango people’ (aam janta) would love to see once.

The surprise package, Mrs. Chintu Aunty (the real-life could-be mother-in-law of Shantiben) plays the aged Kaur who turns up at the end credits.

It’s 2.50 am… Time to doze!