Hello again, (To all those who think that reading my blog is a waste of time.)

And a special hello, (To all those who read my blog irrespective of time.)

So… I am back again, offering you to read that is both uncommon and unheard of. But before I start writing further, I wish to dedicate this topic to one of the regular visitors of this blogpage. What’s in the name? Samazdaar ke liye ishaara kaafi hai. (Wise will be able to follow the ‘direction’). This topic is dedicated to one of those strangers who made me eat my words.

A couple of blogposts ago, I had posted about something called Commitment. But for certain reasons, I couldn’t really believe in the luck factor. Sigh! That particular time has withered away like a delicate flower. That particular time has slipped away like sand from the fists. Alas! The time’s gone. I read a beautiful saying on one of my great friend’s facebook status:

“Pain is inevitable… but Suffering is optional… So the choice is for us to make.”

How true!

Last few days have been pretty weird (if not comically, painful) and the reason behind it being series of incidents. As a part and parcel of life, I have seen ups and downs more on a personal side rather than a professional side of life. Sometimes, you need to suffer for others’ actions. Sometimes, you need to suffer the pain unleashed on you by your close ones. But like my friend says… The suffering is optional. I have decided to keep it as an option.

My dream book called The Pink Slip was going great guns. But a mixture of curses and bad luck washed away my hard work. Instead of being sad, my state of mind is running through an emotion called Confusion. I am still unable to understand what is to be portrayed from the wide range of emotions that are present in my kitty. But… Sometimes the luck factor plays an important role in life. I had been cleaning my mailbox, when I came across the mails that I exchanged between one of the friends (who behaves more like a stranger). Hahaha. No issues, no regrets. Some of them were funny, some full of drama, etc etc. There was one particular mail that I came across. (Coincidentally or say unfortunately, this is also supposed to be the last time I talked to that person as a friend.) I found this particular poem that I dedicated to one of my closest pals.

**_I write this letter to Mr. Chosen One Who has enjoyed his life full of fun Now as he reaches another level He has found himself a valuable pearl.

This little pearl is a princess in disguise Child by heart but matured and wise She’s one that is found one in thousands Clever as she is and love in abundance.

She’s one little star that all pray for her to fall She’s short for others but for friends she stands tall Lady Luck is nothing but just her another name With she by your side you can win life’s game.

I don’t know what you call her but I call her ****i With she standing by your side you can stay carefree All I can say is “Better take care of her!” Or else get ready to face my temper!

This little friend hands over **i to you Because she chooses the best and the chosen one is you So that’s it for now as I now end this letter I wish you a life that is happier, smoother and better._

Ummm… So what’s so special about the luck factor? Well… I also found a rough manuscript of The Pink Slip. I don’t know what I wrote the last in The Pink Slip. I don’t know where am I heading towards. But atleast I got a start… a new start. Now that’s what I call as accidental benefits.

This makes me realise about one particular thing… Bhavin is always in search of serendipity!