I hate this life… I feel so bogged down by the pressure over me from all the directions. Hey? What am I writing about? Ain’t I suppose to write about ‘commitment’? Me and my big mouth… always slips. Hahaha.

Ok… What is the first thing that comes in our minds, after reading the word ‘commitment’? Maybe something related to love, marriage, life etc. Lekin… Kintu… Parantu… (synonyms of ‘but’), ‘Commitment’ just got broader.

Definition of commitment: (Check dictionary if you want to know its meaning.)

The more I research about ‘commitment’, the more I get trapped in this web of ‘commitment’. When I talk about ‘commitment’, I feel bowing down under the pressure. Wise men say, “Commitment is directly proportional to Results.” It means that the more we work hard to commit, the better the results. When we study for exams, it’s not about how many hours we study. It’s about how committed are we towards studies, to achieve desired results. When we do our jobs to earn money, it’s not about how many hours do we slog like asses to earn money. It’s about how committed and focussed are we towards our jobs. When we talk about commitment towards relationships, it’s not about how many years did we stay together. It’s about how hard have we genuinely worked to keep the relationships alive. And this hardwork is nothing but ‘commitment’.

Millions of examples exist in the world, where relationships get broken like a twig from a haystack. At the end of every turn we take while walking down the road, we come across people losing their jobs, students not achieving desired results. And all that people blame is ‘luck’ or ‘destiny’. Give a break, guys! Let’s get realistic. The bottomline is, if we haven’t achieved what we want, it’s because we never really committed towards our goals.

I hope this little blogpost helps us to identify our goals and the ‘commitment’ required towards it.