Technically speaking, my blog completes the first anniversary today. The reason being the fourth day of the Jain festival Paryushan. I can still recollect the first day, the first post of this blog ( It was excitement that had been filled in my mind. The first thought that ran across my mind was, “If published and established writers can interact through their blog then why cannot I?” But times have changed now.

Writing, for me, has always been an indispensable part of my life. It is more like a lust for me. Technically speaking, when a person reads the word ‘lust’, he relates it to ‘craving for sex’. In the times when sex was a synonym for lust, we loathed this word because it set a wrong impression in the society. But thanks to the everchanging times, ‘lust’ has received a broader meaning. Some people have lust for money, some people have lust for vices. But I have an uncommon lust for learning and lust for spreading what I learn. And that’s what leaders have lust for. A renowned author Robin Sharma asks, “Leaders have a LUST for learning. What have you learned today?”

It has been a year and I am just a hundred odd blogposts old. But that has nothing to do with lethargy and laziness. It has to do with the quality of posting. Nowadays, blogging does not mean, ‘I took my bath… I went for shopping… I fought…’ and blah blah blah. It has more to do with the usefulness of a particular topic. But who cares a damn! Empty vessels make more noise than the filled ones.

Cutting the crap, I have realised so many things have changed within this one year. My first blog post is far more different and changed then the current one. My take on religion has changed. My take on relationships has changed. My take on faith has changed. Nothing is permanent and constant except ‘Change’. Times have changed, guys. Our viewpoints have changed. Our goals have changed. Our relationships had changed. In fact, the word ‘change’ has infiltrated our nerves to such an extent that even our loved ones have changed. This reminds me of a well known SMS that most of us must have read:

“People are made to be
And Things are made to be
The confusion in the World is
Because People are being
And Things are being

I feel pity to say that most of us have been a victim of this confusion prevailing in this world. And we have been losing our loved ones in the race to chase the materialistic pleasures. This post has nothing to do with the ‘pravachans’ (sermons) given by ‘sadhus’ and ‘sadhvis’. This realisation dawns upon each and every person when he/she assesses and appraises his/her life. But there’s only difference between such people. Some find it difficult to accept this as a fact, some find it a sour medicine to be gulped while the rest welcome this fact with open arms.

As I assess and appraise my life at this moment, I realise the blunders committed by me. I realise the difference between my friends and ‘real’ friends. I realise the working of the society with double standard policies. I realise the moments that made me cry while laughing hard and the moments that made me laugh while crying.

Life is short… People may have ‘made’ millions of money by fooling others. But the bottomline is, People have ‘lost’ millions of loved ones by fooling themselves. A word of ‘sorry’ seems small in size but when said to someone straight from the heart, you realise that your heart feels lighter than ever.

That’s Bugs signing off for the time being. More things to read about… tomorrow onwards. Afterall, there always lies a thing called HOPE!