So this is supposed to be the last day at Leh and all we had to do was go for local sightseeing in the first half of the day and go for shopping in the latter half of the day.

Last night I heaved a sigh of relief as finally I would be able to wake up late in the morning. Waking up at 5 in the morning almost everyday had taken a toll on my sleep. So I was pretty excited to live in my dreams for a couple of hours more.

But… We got ready by 7 am. Passed sometime at the hotel by shoots vids and clicking pics of the scenery around.

Finally at 9 am we left for the local sightseeing tour. The first stop being Thicksey Monastery. The ambience is superb. Inside the monastery lies the sitting statue of Lord Buddha. The statue attracts thousands of onlookers towards itself. Flash needs to be disabled while clicking photographs. The mantra “Buddham Sharanam Gachchami” soothes the tired soul.

From Thicksey Monastery, we visit the Kali Mata Mandir. It is said that the whole Leh city is visible from the top of this Mandir. And it’s really true. The view can be captured by video. (I intend to upoad the video soon.)
P.S.: Photography or videography is not allowed within the temple premises.

We make our way towards the Hall of Fame. It is the museum situated on the main road towards airport. The museum showcases the history of Ladakh region, the people, the culture, the food, the dances and the costumes of this area. It also has the history of the kings who ruled this region. What bowls us is the special section related to the Kargil War. The detailed explanation by the heroes of war arises the feeling of patriotism within you.

Finally we go to the Shanti Stupa which is famous for the statue of Lord Buddha. It is visible from half Leh region. The wind gushes at a high speed. The climate is freezing.

We didn’t visit the Shey Palace and Stok.

Returning from the local sightseeing tour, we have our lunch, rest for a couple of hours and then make our way towards the market. (Trust me, its boring if you are a singleton. And its much more boring if you are with any lady of your family. Because ladies know how to kill time. Hahaha.)

So that’s the end of the final day at Leh. It’s time to pack up things as we need to catch a flight tomorrow early morning.