Last night was too tiring. Whole day travelling, then shopping, then cultural dance and finally sleeping late at night.

But today’s a new day… And it has to be something exciting to write about. Well, the day has been exciting so far. We left The Kaal and made a journey towards Pangong Tso. Tso or So means Lake. Its about 150 odd kms away from the Leh city.

The journey towards the Pangong Lake is too tiring and people swear under their lips for making such a long journey to see a silly lake. But once you reach the destination, you say…. WOW!


So on my way I pass through The Chang La which is the third highest motorable road in the world. The climate is colder than the Khar Dung La. And the winds slap your body. It’s difficult to stay there for a while.

Vehicles have problems in this journey… Like brakes getting hot, tyres getting punctured, etc. So there’s an advice for those who are planning to visit this place. Please have a complete check up of your vehicle a day before visiting the place.

It takes us 4-5 hrs to finally reach the Pangong Lake. And that’s what I call heaven on earth. It’s a superb place. (MTV Roadies season 3 was shot at this place) and you know the reason why.

China border is visible through this place and the scenery is absolutely brilliant. We get to have a water boat ride that allows us to see the border more closely.

(P.S. No one’s allowed to take a water ride. I wonder how we were allowed.)

After spending a couple of hours at the Lake we head back towards Leh. On the way, we have our lunch at Hotel Chang La Queen. The food is as super good as the people out there.

It takes us around 3 hours to reach back to our hotel. The evening passes away with leisure activities like photo clicking, playing cards, etc.

So that’s the end of the day and me off to sleep after a sumptous dinner.