The climate is freezing and we have to give a hard thought whether to take a bath or not. Big guts needed to empty a mug of water (hot or cold doesn’t matter because within a seconds, the water gets cold) on the body. After the act of bravery (bathing, of course), we pack our bags to return to The Kaal.

On the way we make a stop to the Khar Dung La again and indulge in some snow fights. An hour passes away, we get back in our vehicles and move back to the Leh city.

As we reach earlier than expected, we plan to explore the local markets of Leh. Moti market is a famous market that sells ornaments made of stones. Leh is famous for its dry fruits.

After an hour of time pass at the market, we get back to the hotel for the cultural programme organised for us. (It’s a time pass show.) The songs on which they dance, went bouncer to me. Hehehe. At the end, we too danced with the dance troupe and had a great time.

Post cultural program, it was dinner and making preparations for next day’s journey to the Pangong Lake.

Its time to sleep guys! Hope you enjoyed the read (though, this post may not have been helpful. But this is the best I can describe, as we hardly did anything today.)