Ah! The weather is cool as a cucumber and its just fun to stay out here and romance with the natural beauty.

We get ready for our next destination… Numbra Valley. It’s about 150 odd kms away from Leh city. And its also known as the Valley of Flowers. (Guys, there are no flowers as per my knowledge. It’s just the name kept by the localites to attract tourists. But it’s worth a dekko.)

So we head towards Numbra Valley via Khar Dung La. La means Pass and Khar Dung is the name of the village. The best thing about this place is that it is 18380 metres above sea level and its the highest motorable road in the world. The temperature plays between 0 to 5 degrees. And we make a move ahead after a brief stop at the pass.

We reach the Sumoor Village near Numbra Valley at 2 pm and freshen up in our resective tents at The Mystic Meadows Camp. at the camp our cook prepares the pakodas for us and its an amazing experience.

We freshen up and get ready for sightseeing. After a 40 minute drive we reach at the Sand dunes between Diskit and Hunder villages. Its a desert in Leh. The view is superb and its worth coming out here to enjoy. Time for Camel ride… The camels out here are two-humped. Such camels are found in Mongolia.

The charges are a bomb. Rs.150 for 15 min ride!!!

After the camel ride and some sand fighting at the sand dunes, we head back for our camps. On the way, our vehicles go through a road in the middle of a very old dried river bed.

We reach back to the camp and it’s dinner time. Post dinner, there’s nothing to do except fiddling with my laptop and filling it up with today’s experience…

Time to sign off… Good night.