Run-on-the-mill dialogue of a typical bollywood masala movie…
“Nahi!!! Please, mujhe Bhagwan ke liye chhod do!”

Getting any hints why I wrote this line??? Well… Read further…

Honestly speaking, this could be the cheapest topic I would have written in my blog. But I am sorry, I have to write it. Especially after watching these crazy IPL games. Being an Indian, it’s quite easy to follow and cherish cricket as a religion.

Everytime I watch a match, I pray to God, “Oh! C’mon! Not another humdinger, please!” Many of the matches being played have been humdingers with close shaves with defeats. You get absolutely thrilled, experience nervous breakdowns, can’t sit quietly at one place and in most of the cases, experience heart attack too. But the question is why is it always Mumbai Indians team who create hopes and then shatter it.

Of all the close contests that I have witnessed, Mumbai Indians top the charts. May it be the game with King’s XI Punjab (where it lost by a run in the first season and two or three runs in their first encounter in season 2, while chasing a target of 120 runs) or may it be the game versus Rajasthan Royals where the Mumbai Idiots couldn’t hit 4 runs of 6 balls with 3 wickets in hand. In fact they were bowled all out! Shit! What a shame!

But what surprises me, is the common factor between both the teams… Bollywood Babes!!! KXIP is owned by Preity Zinta (Bubbli as per FIP). While, RR is owned by Shilpa Shetty (Big Sister as per FIP). It is also a well known fact that Shilpa Shetty holds 12% stake of RR team.

It seems that God is quite lenient to our Bollywood Babes and answers their prayers quite quickly. Or else, just imagine, which Idiot wouldn’t have been able to hit 4 runs off 6 balls (v/s RR in season 2), 2 runs off 1 ball (v/s KXIP in season 1) and 5 runs off 3 balls (again v/s KXIP in the first encounter in season 2).

I pity the 100 crore Mumbai Indians from all over the world, who pray endlessly for their demi-God, Sachin Tendulkar to win the match… But in the end, it’s the babes of Bollywood who actually get their prayers answered and break into a jig… I guess it’s related to the Bollywood industry. God is impressed by the golden dialogue of the film industry, “Please mujhe Bhagwan ke liye chhod do!!!” That’s the reason why God answers the prayers of these Bollywood Babes in the IPL.

On one side, we have the so-called IPL test team Royal Challengers Bangalore who snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. While one the other hand we have our Mumbai Idiots who experience nervous breakdowns while scripting a thriller.

All I remember is the famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan,


P.S. Ever wondered why RCB wins thrillers??? You guessed it correct, it has something to do with Bollywood. (Remember Katrina Kaif, the brand ambassador of RCB Team.)

Well… Not sure if IPL is a hit among God… But Bollywood, definately is.

What do you think, huh?