Finally, now that’s what I call a real sweet sleep that I had last night. No worries, no tensions, no plannings for the next day and finally no phone calls to answer.

The first important thing to be done is to hire a two wheeler for the whole day of travelling. Rs. 200 for a kinetic and Rs.300 and Rs.400 for bikes. Choose whatever you are comfortable with. I made a mess of myself as I aint alllowed to drive a two wheeler. We choose to go to the tip of Baga by rickshaw (around 2.5 kms from Calingute and Rs. 50, fair enough)

Watersports is the heart of Goa. Not doing watersports is like visiting a temple but not worshipping God. Half of our day passes in enjoying watersports (Rs. 300 for jet skiing per 2 people and Rs. 700 per person for parasailing) Beds for resting and taking sunbath are available for Rs. 50 per hour. Those who are not interested in watersports can pass their time by resting on the bed, taking sunbath, creating temporary tatoos on the body through tatoo makers, enjoying delicious coconut water, fruits or drinks for alcohol lovers (I hate the last option) and of course, babe watching… Hehehe…

Its 2 pm and we leave Baga for our lunch. We plan to try a new restaurant to eat. We reach Subway restaurant and plan for lunch. Unfortunately veg and non-veg. So we have soft drink, iced-tea and a red bull each to keep ourselves hungerfree for time being. We find another pure veg hotel called Rasoi on the Calingute-Baga road which serves wonderful meal at economic rates.

Finally we come back to hotel and rest again. Its 6 pm and I buzz off with Dada to get some medicines for Aatish. (He had breakfast at a pure veg restaurant Shri Sagar and unfortunately took ill. But the reason for his illness is something else) We meet our other friends KT (Godfather) , MJ (Magician Jhaveri… Hehehe) and Hardik (Chadda as fondly known to buddies). They land up at our hotel and we end up having the best time ever by cracking jokes and imitating Russell Peters. Its night time and they move their ways and we go for dinner at Rasoi.

Aatish takes ill again and he rests at the hotel while I and Dada land up strolling around at Calingute beach till midnight and celebrate his birthday. The path of return gets spooky at night and we take a long cut in order to avoid any problems on the dark paths of Goa.

Finally! Its time to doze off…