Life is weird… It throws you surprises when you expect it the least. This is what is happening today with me. I ‘m off to a mini vacation to my native place. Currently I have boarded the train with my other fellow cousins and we have settled ourselves on our respective seats. There’s no shortage of food out here. Everyone’s busy planning about tomorrow’s activities.

The worst part is that I haven’t informed any of my friends about my so called surprise trip. But then… Thik hai na! I’ll be greeted with a couple of slangs and nothing more than that.

It’s 7 pm right now and we have just completed round one of playing cards. Oh! I seriously hate cards. But being the youngest of all, I have to obey as they command. But I have to confess that I am the most pampered brother among my cousins.

We have finished dining and now I’m off to the AC compartment where my other cousin is busy checking out babes! Hahaha… Funny guy!

Phew… I’m back in my compartment and currently its around 8.30 pm. The train has just reached Surat and the round two of playing cards has started. Luckily, this time I’m not forced to join. I choose to just be a spectator and enjoy the bitching session among the cousins…

Oh! Oh! Phas gaya! These people pull me to play cards. And as usual, I lose… There are two ‘hawaldars’ on duty who think we are gambling. And we poke fun of those two. “Ye mera do kela daav pe laga… Mera teen..” None of us are understanding what are we saying. Finally the ‘hawaldars’ go and we close our game session and have a heartful laugh over the ‘kelas’.

It’s time to buzz off… Good night… And I’m looking forward to enjoy my one-day vacation… Chao!