Well… I know this title seems to be weird. But nowadays the saying has changed, “The weirder… The better”

Well! What do I say actually! Reading the news headlines has really pissed me off to a certain extent. The cases of Neeraj Grover and Aarushi Talwar has become a joke for the nation. On top of it, the controversies surrounding the Big Bang experiment has finally made a laughing stock of those people who created rifts and rumours to stop it from happening. On top of it, deal with a few people and certain situations added as a thorn in my life. These all things really took a toll on my health and I had to do something to curb my frustration.

So last night I finally gathered some courage to pick up my guitar. I heard a song whose lyrics are as follows:

Tum ho to… Gaata hai dil
Tum nahi… To geet kahan
Tum ho to… To hai manzil
Tum nahi… To raah kahan

Well… I don’t know what happened to me later on. But I could feel something going on in my mind and I had to pick up the guitar and just play it off. People tend to deal with unavoidable, unarguable situations and circumstances through different ways. Some do it by crying about past, some do it by smoking or by whining or complaining and some do it in some or the other manner to beat the disturbed conscience.

I do not feel ashamed to confess that I deal with such situations of life by writing or playing guitar. Umm.. Its true that it hurts sometimes. But then atleast I heave a sigh of relief that I do not vent my frustration on other people.

This is what I know as a googly of my life… I can see myself as a batsman who needs to defend the googlies of situations bowled by life. I feel better by this approach. And I guess one should adopt this strategy to deal with the situations in life.