Last night I was extremely bored and I had to do something to freshen up my mood. I chose to watch The Last Lear. What can I say about this movie? It’s completely for those who are passionate about true cinema. Amitabh’s acting being outstanding, is a common term. But what surprises me is one question that goes around my mind. How often do you see Arjun Rampal giving the performance of lifetime? I had heard a lot about Ritupurna Ghosh as a director. What fancies me about him is the kind of cinema that he creates. If Raincoat was a splendid piece of work then The Last Lear definately has to be a step ahead.

This movie motivates people in some or the other way. I would be honest enough to say that Amitabh rejuvenated my passion of arts. He surely has inspired me to follow my passions religiously.

But looking at the kind of cinema being made, could this be the last film of such art film? Looking at the way other actors doing senseless commercial films, could this be Amitabh’s last art film? Just like Satyajit Ray was the last king of the art film markers, just as Shakespeare was the last person to be the God of literature, known for his creations all over the world, could Amitabh be The Last Lear of Hindi Cinema?

This question certainly arises in my mind. All I wish is to see many of such thought provoking films. Thats Bugs signing off for the time being. Chao!