Knock knock…
Who’s there?
It’s Bhavin…
Bhavin, who?
Bhavin, the one who keeps himself busy, to kill time!

Hahaha… The festival season has begun… With Paryushan over, I’m back to square one. Life’s been really funny since past few days. Time isn’t easy enough to pass out as earlier… Elders say that ‘Time Flies’ but not in my case. These days it was like, come to the office, work, go home from lunch, return to work, go back home for evening dinner, come back again to work and finally go home directly to the bed.

And now it’s back to the basics, slog out in the office for most of the time and go home just for the sake of sleeping, eating and (ahem ahem)… Sometimes I feel, what is the difference between me and my employees. The place where they stay is referred as lodge and I refer my place as home… Yawns, I guess now every morning I wake up, I’ll have to make myself realise, “Beta Bhavin? Its back to square one!”