It’s the first day of my blogging and I am finding myself the same way as a villager finds himself in a city. I am completely new to this arena of blogging. I love writing and thus blogging is the best option where I can vomit out the words that are stuck in my mind. I hate being repetitive so I hope the one who reads this blog can check my profile to know about me and my interests. I believe in honesty. And I shall be honest in my writings too.

Life is absolutely rocking. Today is the 4th day of the Jain Festival Paryushan or Pajushan. And I have just broken my fasting today. My viewpoint about the religion has changed drastically today. I mean yesterday it was something else and today it is something else. I find myself in a very confusing and a funny position today, when I look at religion. Just finding myself at crossroads today. I mean, does religion means the same as it was yesterday?

I may attract the wrath of many readers and writers through this blog. But I guess, I am ready for it. What everyone need to ask themselves is, are their viewpoints about the religion the same as earlier or are the viewpoint full of contradictions? To be honest, I compare myself to a flame of candle flickering to survive from a rush of wind.