Hello World, it’s me again.

There’s a reason why I posted this image. It was 9 years ago when I had written this piece. The intent was to start writing my 2nd (unpublished) manuscript. (No prizes for guessing, the first one obviously was Complications Simplified.) Call it a mere coincidence or twist of fate, I had named it The Pink Slip. The protagonist (Arin Malhotra, I guess,) was a guy similar to the Ranbir Kapoor character in Wake Up Sid.

Kissa Kamlesh Ka

For the meme fans, Kamlesss Soluchan aka Kamlesh Solution needs no introduction. But in case if you are new to this latest internet sensation then you may want to go through this video compilation featuring 10 of the funniest memes created by the talented people. Enjoyed? Great. Now let’s go through the original video featuring Kamlesh. Do you still find it funny? Most of the people won’t find it funny anymore.

Another Audit, Another Audition

23rd December. Does this date ring a bell? Nah. It rings not just the bell. It rings a carillon in my mind that can cause embarrassment even to the Big Ben. This date has strange psychic powers. People look forward to their name day (as in Game of Thrones lingo) or birthdays. They would usually countdown the number of days left for their special day. Unlike me. To be honest, I get s**t scared of this day.

Mascots – Our Heroes

A good mascot has to be memorable. If it’s hard to identify or isn’t recognizable as something specific, it’s not going to do the job it’s supposed to. A mascot needs to stand for something. It needs to be more than just cute – it has to have a personality. I am close to getting older by another year and yet the childishness inside me refuses to fade. There is never a single day when a person doesn’t feel the blues.

Love. Passion. Karma.

First things first. Wise men said, Never judge a book by its cover and a post by its title. There’s more to it than meets the eye. FYI, I am not in Goa! And to clarify further, I am not endorsing any place! I am here, where you will always find me. Inside my den. Because that’s where I am. Because of what I am. A businessman at daytime and a writer at night.

Current Affairs!

(This post would have been ordinary without suggestions by Priyesh Shah. Thank you for making it special.) Precautionary Note: This post may contain language unsuitable for kids and people who choose arrogance over self-assessment. If you have managed to spare next 5 minutes without a lapse in concentration then pat yourself on your back because you chose to read this post over: pouting on Snapchat/Instagram. reacting to the posts on your Facebook timeline.

A Deed That Tastes Good

A few years ago, I started with this section of blog posts christened as ‘Heroes’. It consists mostly of chance encounters with people who either made a difference to others’ lives or touched my heart in some way. Little did I realize was the fact that there also lived people who could not only touch my heart but also made a difference in my life. I have written about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar whose humility and achievements taught me of the lesson of humility, about my luck-by-chance encounter with Suresh Chandra Yadav, a taxi driver who thinks more about the country’s progress rather than being a part of cheap politics, about my heroes, my support system who provide me HOPE whenever I have none, about one of the underrated actors Alan Rickman, who showed the world that sometimes you need to be bad for the world’s betterment.

The Beast in us!

Hola readers! I think the last time I wrote about something like this was when I paid my respect to Late. Alan Rickman. It is one of the times when my pen becomes my wand, making honest efforts to cast a spell through the words that come out of the realms of my heart. The execution may or may not be to the tee all the time but the intentions surely are as they always have been and always will be.

… When They Taught Me A Lesson About Life

First things, first. I would like to apologize to start my post with a cliché. By the end of the post, you may understand the reason behind it. So this is how it goes… There are heroes, there are superheroes and then there is…… A Team of ‘Special’ Legends! We – the human race are quite brilliant. If determined, we can turn any kind of adversity into a blessing in disguise.

After All This Time? Always.

(Important note: I hold no copyrights over the images used in this post. They are used for representation purpose only.) It has been a long time since I wrote another post that could touch my heart as well as yours. But nothing compelled me to write more than the news related to the death of Alan Rickman. Now many of you, my fellow friends, would be wondering who the heck was this person.